Client has jealousy issues if left out- Help!

mangomoonOctober 3, 2013

I have a Client I provide caregiving for. She also happens to be like my mother, in more ways than one. When I started this job, the other caregiver expressed some concerns about "Jane's" bottom and asked if I was aware of her getting a little soar and red. I told her that I was aware of it and that I was also monitoring it. We continued the conversation a bit longer when Jane erupted with a little fit by tossing her arms in the air and saying "stop talking over me". Before Jane retired she taught school. When I met her I came to the conclusion that she cannot handle round table conversation (my own mother never could and always thought the others conversing were ignoring her). In the past I have never spoken to any caregiver on duty during my schedule, in front of the Client, for this VERY same reason.

Following day, I met Jane's two wonderful step sons when they came over. We began to get to know one another and Jane remained silent. When they left I told her that the guys were just wonderful! No response from her. I wonder how she ever managed to speak to her students parents? Now I find out that A new caregiver replaces the one I am talking about, come this Thursday. I am told by the step sons that her and I are much alike and we both speak the same second language.

I can't wait to meet her, but how does one handle a Client with this type of jealous fit. I mean it is very childish. My brother and I used to talk about things in " code" so my mother would not know. If she did, she expected to be told what was discussed. I prefer never to have conversation in front of such clients with other caregivers, but sometimes it cannot be helped.

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Sorry, but talking over your client was extremely rude. Unless she is unconscious or has severe dementia, do not talk about her. Talk with her. She probably was very unhappy.

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I took my mother to see her doctor and he looked at me and talk to me. I looked him in the eye, then I looked at my mother and he caught on real fast. He then looked at Mom, called her by name and spoke to her.

I would not like it if someone did that to me.

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Not good to discuss a clients condition in from of them unless they are included. Discussing a possible problem should be done away from the client. Just suggest you need to do something out of the room before the other attendant takes over and save the discussion until then.

Sounds like the son's may have presented you a problem in hiring the new person. If you speak in your common language your client will feel like she is being left out and you are hiding something from her. Don't do it.

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CA Kate

I agree with the others. How would you feel if it was you in bed being discussed by others as if you weren't there?

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