Reed & Barton ~ Questions/Help Please

justlindaNovember 19, 2011

I bought this wonderful little baby cup for .25 and am having trouble finding out the date/era it may have been manufactured or the pattern name. I assume it may be silver plated, but then again, it may not be! Anything anybody may be able to add would make me happy. Thanks.

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Twenty five CENTS????? Really??
It's plate....don't know the name of the pattern....but who cares!!\
Picture that as a gift filled with rose buds with a voile ribbon on the handle? Or filled with candy canes and accompanied by a container of hot chocolate mix?
A quarter?? Really???
Linda C....sitting at a walnut Sheraton-esque table that cost $2.25....

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Sheesh Linda C....we'd probably make a good team. Just think of the possibilities ~~ lol!

Well what really grabbed at my heartstrings was the inscription...."Little Dorothy". Just can't imagine anyone putting this in a Church Rummage Sale unless they just don't do, or can't be bothered, "polishing".

And before you ask, no, I don't know anyone named Dorothy. Couldn't leave "Little Dorothy" there all by herself, could I? lol

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Poor Little one loved her enough to keep her baby cup!!
But really.....who inscribes a baby cup to "Little Dorothy"????

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Probably a grandma! Nice buy! I would have brought it home too.

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Meeeeee too!! ;o)

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