Is there a site that reviews a large number of range hoods?

dalajosaFebruary 14, 2012

We are new to remodeling and new to this site. We are starting our kitchen remodel and need to select the range hood. We like the stainless steel look with a curved glass canopy such as:

Broan Elite EW5636SS

Cavaliere-Euro AP238-PSD-36


and the Futuro Moon Crystal Wall (although too expensive for our budget).

I cannot find any website that compares the CFMs with Sones (even the manufacturers websites do not always have this information!). My biggest concern is noise so would appreciate any feedback on hoods with lower noise production (although I realize this depends on the blower power). Does anyone here have experience with any of these brands/models that they could share. I don't even know which of these brands are considered better buys.

Thanks so much!

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Consumer Reports does hood ratings and they probably say something about noise, but I'm afraid I let my web sub expire so I can't check.

If noise is a concern the best solution is an external blower: that gets the motor noise out of the hood and farther downstream.

If you search this forum you will find more on hoods and noise, but most of these brands have so many models and churn them so fast that it's always hard to find the comparisons you want.

If you look around here you'll also find that there's more to effectiveness than cfm numbers: a good overhanging canopy is essential if you want your hood to specialize in extracting the effluent from cooking, rather than vaguely pulling air out of the room. The prettier hoods are often the worst at this.

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Thanks for the info - I may have been getting a bit hung up on sones!! Unfortunately CR does not have any of the styles (and only one of the brands) we are interested in. I would really love to hear from anyone who has experience with the specific styles listed above.

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Anyone know or heard about Tatsumaki brand of hoods?

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Sounds like noise is a big driver for you in your range hood selection. A few factors contribute to a noisy range hood:
1. Quality of blower used - most half decent range hoods today use pretty good blowers
2. Probably the most important factor contributing to range hood noise is duct issues - to small, to many bends or just badly installed.
3 Another issue is peoples desire to have the biggest cfm blower system they can find - for example 1200cfm through a 36" hood will be unbelievably loud on max settings even with ideal ducting (we have tested it so we know) - why - because the blower is pulling 1200 blocks of air 1'x1'x1' every single minute through the filters - if the filter capture area is small (36" hood) its gonna be a real noisy airflow experience. So its crictical to match the blower to the ducting, to the btu output of the range and to the range hood size.
4. The other critcial element is a well designed range hood structure where the air is getting pulled through after the filters - if the inside of the hood behind the filters has a lot of projections and things hanging out the air is going to bang against them - noise
5. Filters - baffle filters - well designed and fabricated baffle filters are a must

Here is a link that might be useful: More on Range Hood Noise

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