Duct help for Range Hood

MisssisssipppiFebruary 27, 2013

this is a 3year old 760cfm "Ebay China" special...... i am justtt now getting around to having it installed.....

Please look at theBLACK Baffle round... it is ONE piece...center w baffle is 6.25" inner diameter ...there is a secondary ring that measures 6.5" for where a pipe would be seeded.......and the total OUTER diameter of the is 7"......

there is no "manufacturer name/phone on this manual so i can't call and ask if i'm supposed to duct with 7" pipe and have it taped with foil to the round...... ORRRR am i POSSIBLY missing a collar or reducer that would make a 6"duct work instead of 7"???

the ONLY thing said in this poorly written manual is to use at LEAST 6" duct........i am sure this black baffle is mass produced but i'm having trouble finding a diagram online

thanks for any advice...

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It looks like it is supposed to have a clamp (perhaps something like a giant hose clamp) that would tighten it down on a 6" duct, but it's hard to tell from your photo. I'd get a piece of 6" duct and try it.

It's possible that you are missing a part - maybe there's supposed to be a locking ring that would slide down and clamp the collar onto the duct.

PS: your member name is cruel; I have enough trouble spelling Mississippi as it is, without you coming along and confusing me! :-)

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Is it possible that the black piece IS the collar, and the 6 inch duct fitting is below it? Are there screws holding the black piece in place? If so, loosen them and see if the collar slips off revealing the 6-inch duct attachment below.

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