bed pressure pad seem uncomfortable

mar_ciaOctober 21, 2005

Hospice brought in a pad for moms bed that has pockets that fill every so often with air (the electric part hangs on the bottom of the bed). I felt it and it just feels soooo bumpy - I can't imagine that it is comfortable when you are used to a smooth bed. Also, the air coming on and off seemed to bother mom and make her restless. She lives in a home. I got a call the other night that she got up after going to bed (unusual) and fell. I asked them to take it off for now. Mom is not actually bed-ridden yet. It won't be long because she isn't eating much at all and sleeps a lot on the couch or chair...but when she is bedridden we can put it back on. After reading some other posts, it sounds like you have been pleased with this kind of mattress pad, so maybe it is just me imagining things?!

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It really seemed to help my mother. She was confined to bed almost all the time during the last couple of months of her illness and she was always complaining of pain. Once hospice got her the air mattress (at my request), she didn't wince or moan again. They are specially designed for the bedbound people. It might take a bit of getting used to by the patient.

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We tried the mattress that filled with air for my husband. Too hard and bumpy and noisy. Ended up with my sister-in-law bringing us a memory foam pad that she bought at Bed Bath & Beyone (I think it was their brand, but not sure..tall large box). It ended up being the perfect mattress topper/pad. Used it for the entire 6 months and not one bed sore. I highly recommend a memory foam topper.

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Thanks so much for the feedback. I was thinking about the memory foam least I know there is an option besides the air mattress.

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Hi Mar cia, Al had one of these pads in the hospital when he had his leg amputated, and because of a ton of raw skin, it was recommended that we buy one of these for at home, he said that it didn't make him feel any better at all and you are right about the noise. I ended up buying from wal-mart a foam pad about 2 inches thick and it seemed to be cut in about 2 inch squares,i bought the king size - for 2.00 moreand folded it in half, then -- this will sound really stupid but you save a TON of money here, a dog's bed pad 24 x 36, it has sheep skin on one side, plus it was at one of those super grocery stores in the clearance for 4.88!! regular 44.88!!! i think Al has had one bed sore (about 2 months ago. because of the heat and the depends can't breath). i thinks it's like people liking certain books, or shopping at certain stores, what one likes, the other may not. let us know if you pick the memory foam,-- really expensive here even at Wal-mart, it might be a good idea for a Christmas gift for Al (sounds like i'm cheap, but when you are all grown up youseem to buy anything when you want, or can dream!!) debbie

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HI...We used 3" Geomat for both of my parents. It is a foam matress over-lay which I got from the hospital supply dealer. $85 and worth every penny. My mom was on it for 2 years, turned regularly, and careful skin bedsores, even tho she was emaciated. There are lots of good options if the alternating pressure mattress does not suit. But changing position, keeping dry and clean, avoidance of abrasion by dragging on the sheets, etc are all as important as the mattress. Good luck in finding an alternative. I would say try them, you can always go back to the air mattress. Derry

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Marcia, I was able to adjust the pressure pad to a comfortable level for Mother. It was just fine midway between 1 & 2. She liked me to lay with her occasionally, and I found it very comfortable at that setting. Any higher than that, and the "bumps" were really hard.

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