Standard discount on floor model?

lexmomof3February 6, 2013

What is the standard discount on a floor model appliance? I'm looking at a blue star that is discounted 12.5% an has been on the floor about a year. There aren no dents or scratches. I was thinking that a discount should more than that. The range costs 4,000 before discount and 3,500 with the discount. What do you think a standard floor model (non-damaged) discount is?

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There is no "standard". Generally though, what you will find is that for a still being produced floor model with no damage, 10-15% would be about right---IF they'll even get rid of it at all. Most retailer will not sell a floor model of an actively produced model until that model has been discontinued or has received some damage. Even then, most had rather let it be dinged up a bit more and wait to discount only one item rather than replacing it with a fresh model and having it be hit by a stroller too. If the model has been discontinued or is damaged, then you start saying 20-30%. If the damage is significant, or the product is a return that has been used, then your start saying 40-50%. Beyond that, it's often more cost effective for the product to be donated or field destroyed.

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Thanks for the reply. The range is not discontinued but the store is not going to keep BS on the floor because it isn't a big seller for them and they want the floor space for another range.

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Depending on where you shop, most retailers will take more money off of the display/floor model appliances. That's how I just bought 2 out of 3 new appliances. It can't hurt to try and negotiate a bit. Be sure to ask for a manager. A year is a long time to have an appliance around without selling it and the retailer may be "hungry."

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I got over a 10% discount (essentially a "below line" discount) on a brand new BS RNB. Ask if the island trim or some other backguard is included. Assume a 30-35% dealer markup and go from there.

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I just got a Wolf in the soon-to-be-discontinued all gas with the open burner style for 20% off. There were a few very minor scratches on it.

Before you spring for that floor model, go online to read the Bluestar warranty. I had been thinking about possibly purchasing a BS floor model until I found out that BS only warrants their floor models for 90 days. Read it for yourself before making a decision.

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I read that the Warranty is greatly curtailed on floor models 90 days and 1 year p and l,

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Sorry to echo need info1 they were the source for my comment

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That really does change things. Can someone point me to the warranty info on the blue star website? The sales person said that it would be the full warranty. I guess I should send him the info that says differently. Thanks!

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see p.26

One (1) Year Limited Warranty. Prizer-Painter warrants that all functional components (except cast
iron burner tops) of its Products will, under normal use and service, be free from defects in materials and
workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of delivery (the "Warranty Period") to the original
retail purchaser. For purposes of this Limited Warranty, functional components include all components of
the Product other than the cosmetic components covered by the initial seven day limited warranty and the
cast iron burner tops covered by the 10 year limited warranty. Floor models are not covered under the
One(1) Year Limited Warranty but are covered by a Ninety (90) Day Labor and a one (1) Year Limited
Parts Warranty with proof of date of install and a completed Installation Checklist. Demonstration units
are not covered under the one (1) Year Limited Warranty. Please refer to your installation checklist to
activate your limited warranty. Failure to send a complete and accurate copy of the installation checklist
within 15 days of installation will invalidate your limited warranty.

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I purchased a brand new out of box Wolf AG range for 22% off.

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