Air Purifiers

CA KateOctober 16, 2013

Do any of you have any experience with any of the several air purifiers that also kill germs, bacteria, and mold? I read up on what to look for, but don't know which to choose since all their ads sound equal. Since it's for a bedroom it needs to be quiet.

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I don't know about air purifiers, but if they work with moisture or filters they can be dangerous. I read an article about dehumidifiers. It said they are dangerous if you are don't clean them regularly and thoroughly. The stuff that accumulate inside them grows.

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You might check with a larger medical supply store. They may not carry them but can give you some suggestions. Or if you have a part of your medical group that issues oxygen, c-pap machines etc, they might have some ideas also.

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You might want to read this article before you purchase an air purifier. We bought two of them from the Sharper Image a number of years back and returned them after learning they can be harmful. Not sure what the solution is, but first do no harm!

Ozone Generators Create Home Smog
Air Purifiers That Produce Ozone May Be Hurting Your Health (continued)

A link that might be useful:

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I had an Ozone type, used it about a yr, I didn't get any better, in fact I think I was worse so stopped using it. It did deposit "dirt" on fridge, it was across from it, I moved it once to another room & wall opposite it got "dirt" too & took lot of scrubbing to get rid of, I think it was actually making the "dirt" as didn't have any after I got rid of it. I wrote on another one of these posts about GF that had allergies bad also & she tried several & none stayed plugged in for more than a month.

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CA Kate

Just reporting in: after a good amount of research I bought an Airocide that was created to clean the air on the space station. I put it in my bedroom for a test run and found that it cleared the air within a week and continues to improve the air daily. Today I bought two more, one for DH's bed room and one for the living room.

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