Can I move toilet under window?

nepoolFebruary 9, 2014


I'd like to move the toilet in the kids bathroom under the window. Wondering if any knew if this setup would be code compliant. The tub is 2.5 ft wide (30inch) and the total interior wall space is 6ft 1 inch (73inch), leaving 43 inches for the toilet. I know code is 15" from the centerline to a wall, but will this setup work with the toilet next to the tub?

I'd like a roomier vanity- thus the toilet move idea. Thank you!

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Code-wise you have enough room. Are you sure you want the view of the room through the open door to be the toilet?

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I would second catbuilder's question on whether you want the view from the hall (?) to be the toilet.

Short story: when I was growing up, our church finally built a new rectory which faced the street on which the church was located. Of course everybody had to looky-loo the new rectory as they went by. On the day of the open house, the front door was left open to welcome whoever wanted to come on over. We didn't go in, but on the way by in the car I looked in the open front door, down the hallway, into the bathroom, and - there was the toilet. Passing by on the street at 30 mph, the view from the front door was the toilet. In the 50 years that have passed, I still wonder occasionally who in the world designed that. Every time the front door was opened for whoever had business at the rectory, the toilet would be on display unless the last user remembered to close the bathroom door. Guys lived there. Do you really think they remembered to put down the seat and/or close the door?

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So, could it be reversed? Tub where the sink and toilet are now in the diagram, toilet and vanity on the other side?

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Sorry, would not want to ruin "window view" putting a toilet in front of it! I speak from experience - wish I could move my toilet away from the window.

In addition the seat gets cold - in these Chicago winters.

If you want more storage, I'd put low (below window height), narrow shelving on the long wall.

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Or, not even reversed (in case there are plumbing/joint issues underneath the floor).

What about turning the tub 90 degrees and sliding toilet down and lengthening vanity?

You would then have an 'extra' foot or so at head or foot of tub to either build a deck or shelves. There doesn't seem to be any storage in there, so you could have towels, shampoo bottles, bubble bath, etc out on shelves.

Only issue would be the window might need to be tempered glass for code.

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I'd also suggest rotating the tub 90' too and scooting the toilet down. I think you'd have around 6 feet for the vanity.

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Thank you everyone!

Shower on the back wall won't work because I don't want the window in the wet area, and I really don't want to lose the window.

Not concerned about the toilet view because the area outside this door is a private hallway, that only serves the kids room (bathroom between kids rooms). Its a "dead end" hall, not a passthrough, so view is not an issue. I was more concerned about code, although the point about the cold, is a good one. Hum.. We will have to get a really well insulated window there.

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Yes, as long as you have 30" for the toilet you should be in code, doesn't matter if toilet is next to a wall or tub as long as you have the 30" (15" to centerline of toilet). I agree that your bathroom set up would not bother me either. Good luck! :)

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If you put the toilet there, you compromise access to clean the tub or bathe small children. Plus, I agree with the comments about viewing the toilet from the open door. That's a look that designers usually try to avoid.

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