Bosch 800 Series dishwasher ?

fishymomFebruary 25, 2014

We installed a new Bosch 800 series dishwasher on Sunday. When it was unpacked, it was damp on the inside and a bit smelly. We have run several wash cycles and it smells fine when the cycle finishes, but a few hours later, it smells musty again. Any suggestions on how to get the smell out?

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That's weird that it was damp when you unpacked it. It was brand new, right? I have an 800 series and didn't have that issue.

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All Bosch and Mieles are run with water before they leave the factory. Teh water is pumped out , but not 100% and that's the moisture you are experiencing.

They are DW cleaners that you can run with a cycle that will get the smell out 99 % of the time.

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I guess I didn't notice it was damp because my contractor ran the dishwasher after it was installed (and before I got home) to be sure there were no leaks.

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Thanks for the info xedos, that's what we figured, but nice to have it confirmed. I will pick up some dishwasher cleaner and give that a try.

Sjhockeyfan, how long have you had your 800 series and how are you liking it? Our purchase was a spur of the moment decision, pretty unusual for me, I usually research the heck out of things before I buy. But our Electrolux DW went out this weekend and we happened to come across a really great deal at Lowes, so I threw caution to the wind!

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I love it! I have had terrible luck with previous dishwashers (KA dish drawers, GE Profile), so this is a revelation to me - a dishwasher that actually cleans the dishes, and holds a ton of stuff! It's so quiet I usually don't even know it's on, and since we have an open room, that's a huge plus. (We really only looked at Miele and Bosch, and decided we didn't want to spend what the Miele cost. We're very happy with our decision so far - two months in). We use Finish Powerballs (not Quantum).

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Thanks, that is great to hear sjhockeyfan! We also have a large open space and the dw is very quiet. I have only run one load with dirty dishes so far, but I was happy with the performance.

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