Hand shower in tub?

VADawgFebruary 27, 2014

Renovating our master bath and I'm going to have a built-in tub. Our contractor thinks we need the optional hand shower accessory to go with the tub filler set. I know I will never wash my hair in the tub, but the contractor says for cleaning I'll wish I had it. Is it worth the ~$200+ for this? Do those of you who have this use it, and vice versa, those of you who didn't get this wish you had? Thanks!

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We are currently remodeling our master bath. After living without one for the last 14 years, I purchased a tub filler specifically because it includes a hand held sprayer.

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VAD, I didn't even question the need for a hand-shower for my tub in our next BR. I actually do wash my hair if I'm having a bath...do you mean you would have a bath, and then get out and go have a shower to wash your hair? But, I wasn't even thinking of that (have never had the convenience of a hand shower, I just scoot down and rinse my whole head underwater...LOL), I was just thinking of leaning over and cleaning and rinsing out tub, particularly as it will be just a tub, so no wall (overhead) shower. Since I think it's one of those things that are near impossible to add later, yes it's worth the $200 extra. If for nothing else, for resale.

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Thanks everyone. Yes, I take a bath to relax and then get in the shower to wash my hair and rinse off. One of those OCD things! I never feel clean in the bath, I like to have a shower afterwards! Thanks for your advice, I guess it's better to add it now then find out I wish I had later.

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Sounds like you've decided, but I just realized the other day that we installed ours in 2008 and I have never once used it for cleaning the tub. I guess I forget its there! I spray and wipe the tub-- it is never that dirty that it needs a big scrubbing.

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If you have a hand sprayer in the tub, you may not have to then get out to take the shower. I have been using my tub with hand sprayer for almost a year as our main bath is in the remodeling phase. I am a shower girl so the tub thing is somewhat of a hassle. Anyway, I too feel cleaner after a shower, but with the hand sprayer you can just rinse off after a soak. I also use it to clean the tub after every bath and before the next one. I also have a counter with plants near by, and use it to water these plants. So easy. I love the hand shower.

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yes, just yes.....

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I insisted on a tub sprayer. I must have a hand held sprayer in all showers and tubs. Without it, it is a major PITA to clean.

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raehelen, I don't take many baths, but if I need to wash my hair in one, I also use the total immersion method. :)

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