John Hassall Policeman Car Mascot

Scott1973November 23, 2012

Dear forum, bit of advice please? my wife is selling a 1920s car mascot and has been offered �250 to take it of off ebay and sell seperately. my feeling is to leave it on ebay but is it a good offer? Condition can be seen by following the link;

Thanks for your advice.

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Link is bad...

Link doesn't work

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This link worked for me. The little fellow is signaling "Stop" like a London traffic officer, and has the classic head gear of the period. It doesn't appear to have been an expensive item when new, but today, he could be a comical collectable. Sorry, I know very little about this type of collectable, but he appeals to me.

See if you can find prices of other pieces by John Hassell. This may provide a clue to the value of your piece.

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On a different computer and the link now works.
That 250 POUNDS? GBP?? Makes it almost $400!!
I have no idea of the value....but experience tells me when someone wants to buy it now and makes an offer to have you stop the auction, it's because they think it may ultimately sell for more.
I would leave it on eBay.
$250 GBP?? Wowser!!

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