Arthritis Pain

tendtogetluckyOctober 9, 2009

My husband has osteoarthritis. Neck pain and now it's moved to his wrist. Finally, after research and talking to friends he is 80-90% pain-free. He is on glucosamine & chondroitin & wears a magnetic bracelet. But the main thing I tried that took his pain away is drinking lots of WATER. Within 3 days the water worked. He is back to his normal happy self. When you think about it cartilege is mainly fluid. If it dries up from lack of water, it hurts. Try it, I believe you'll see amazing results like we did.

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Tendto, I'm glad the water remedy helped your husband. I read on the other arthritis thread about also adding salt to the water. I have to add a caution for both your remedies: Anyone with Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) and other ailments needs to be very careful about overdoing liquid intake. In fact, most people suffering from a host of ailments are taking diuretics to eliminate excess water in their system. The excess water creates edema and makes breathing difficult because the lungs fill up with liquid. And people suffering from all kinds of heart problems including CHF and high blood pressure need to lower their salt intake. So, while this remedy may help your husband, it may actually be dangerous for others. Unfortunately, many elderly deal with heart health issues, swelling, and difficulty breathing. So they're a particularly vulnerable group.

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I agree, he should and all people should get check my medical personal first before they try any treatments that is in books or offered by people.

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A lot of people in my community use the swimming pool for low impact water arobics to deal with their pain. They play an invisable piano with their fingers on the top of the water. This is an excerise that helps relieve the pain in the fingers and joints. Also they make a fist then make the water squirt through the fingers and this strengthens the whole hand/fingers.

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I am wondering if anyone has experienced the start of arthritis in hands and hips after taking Lipitor (sp?). I never had arthritis before and have been diagnosed with an allergy to statin drugs which I have been by my doctors.

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