anxiety/panic attacks?

sistersunnieOctober 20, 2005

Posted: Thu Oct 20, 2005 12:53 pm Post subject: anxiety/panic attacks?

I had an episode this morning and it had never happened before I think it was an anxiety/panic attack. I (all of a sudden) couldnt breathe, felt light headed, fell out for a few moments, chest hurt, heart pounded wildly then I started crying uncontrollably. It took me nearly an hour to get myself settled. I laid in the floor and stroked the dog and concentrated on breathing, it passed but I still feel shaky.

I also feel foolish, has anyone else had anything like this happen to them? With a night like last night, its probably no surprise. I'll talk to the counselor tomorrow.


Thoughts and prayers-


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Yes dear that was a panic attack you experienced.. You are TOTALLY in overload mode now & NEED TO TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!!!!

Can you possibly get respite care for a few days to a week & take off & pamper yourself?? Massages, walks on the beach/park?? meals outs?? sleeping in?? reading books?? wataching movies?? shopping????

Something OTHER than being a caregiver!! Please for the sake of YOUR sanity please please please find some respite for yourself...

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I've got a weekend off next week to take my daughters on campus visits. We're leaving on Friday and wont be back until Monday night. Not much but I am looking forward to it. Best I can manage right now.

Got through this morning okay and it wasnt an easy one. Maybe thats the last attack? (I like to delude myself anyway!)

Thanks for the reassurance but I feel so foolish......

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Have you talked to your doctor? There is medication for anxiety attacks. It's not to be taken lightly.

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Hi Sunnie! You're going on tours too? We went to 3 presentations on Wed. nite here, but i like you was stressed out too, so i really didn't pay much attention,(dd has her heart set on one university, by Linda's hometown!!, so i don't think it much mattered about the other 2 - lol). But, like you i had the heart pounding, sweating, thought my chest was being strangled. i went to the doctor and he gave me a prescription for Paxil, this was to help with my migranes as well, he started me off with 10mg and now it's 25mg. i will say they do not help the migranes but i will say i am calmer, they take about 6 weeks before they kick in. and the weight gain, i am 5ft 9 inches and USED to weigh 128lbs, now i don't even want to know, however, i do have a very full chest - lol. i don't know where you live, but where we do, when winter comes it comes, so i would be so stressed winter driving in town, now i'm fine. my doctor also gave me lithium at night, but i never got this script filled. if you read one of my other posts, you will see that i had a very,very mild stroke, how can a 49 yr old have a stroke? so now i do take time for me, - Mimi's orders!!! and believe me when i say i am, also i go for a walk every day. Sunnie i shouldn't say that we'll never meet in person (look at Linda and me!!) but being friends here, trust me when i say we are all worried about you!!! You like me are taking on too much and your body is saying i need a rest, take care of me, so make that doctor's appointment today!! We need you here!!! debbie

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Sunnie, please see your doctor. I've been on anxiety meds for about a year now, and boy-o-boy, howdy!!! What a difference. They don't make me drowsy, don't make me 'stupid' (at least I don't think so)...but it takes away that heaviness in my chest...if something goes wrong, or I'm worried, I can deal with it, or fact it, then it just goes somewhere else instead of my DWELLING on it every minute of the day! I no longer obsess about what COULD happen, and worry much, much less.

You need to take care of yourself, or you'll be the one being taken care of. *Oh! I've always hated dropping a participle like that! hmph.

Where was I? Oh, can't run on 'empty'. Everyone needs to re-charge now and then, and we all have different ways of doing that. Debbie has her bubbly baths, and I go shopping with friends and to lunch, or I put a chick-flick on and sip wine with abandon ! lol!
You have to find a way to re-charge...that weekend coming up with your daughter sounds wonderful! What a nice bonding experience for the two of you! Make it a celebration! Take in a movie or two! Bring bubble-bath for yourself!! And apply wine medicinally! haha!

Find what brings you some joy and just do that when you can. Even 1/2hr spurts now and then can re-charge you. Snap those ear-phones on and blast your favourite music! Or retreat and say your rosary. Whatever is your bliss.

Sooooooo, Debbie!!! Your daughter will be on MY TURF next year, eh? hahahaha!!! Hope you can come here and we can both drive over and visit her! I have tons of room, several guest-rooms and you're welcome to whatever you need! Sandra's taken the bus here for a both can come! haha! OMG...she's coming in two weeks with 3 hockey-dads and their 3 hockey-playing 14-year old sons (her cousin and his son) who are also staying here! I hope there's enough room on that bus going back for all the Christmas stuff she's going to pick up at Costco! hahaha!!!
Wow! 7 guests in two weeks! PAR-TAY~ !!

Now back to you, Sunnie....please pay attention to yourself, okay? It's so important, we can't stress it enough. I've had anxiety attacks, and they're no fun at all. Time to get a little help and find what you need to refresh yourself.


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Sunnie just curious how was today for you? I'm busy today, starting doing my volunteer sewing for a hockey league -- year 14! just seems noone sews anymore! Linda i have about 20 or more painting mags for you, if you have any other interests let meknow, i'm trying to be Mrs. Flylady!! or if you would like unfinised wooden stuff, let me know too. Well i've taken my break and am mindlessly removing sponsor bars off the next set. Keep warm - raining and about 40 now. debbie

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Today was actually okay, he was the tasmanian devil in full speed but it was manageable. I cleaned house all day and somehow that was comforting, like I can control something at least! Even if its only the floors!

I appreciate your concern, all of you. Am taking lexapro and seeing a counselor twice monthly. Will see the doctor if that ever happens again. I understand I need to take care of myself, but it seems impossible. Been at this for over five years now and always been able to tackle whatever comes my way, but guess now its finally taking its toll.

Am really sweating next year when one of the girls moves on to her own life. I love those kids so much and enjoy their company. Will really miss her and the helping hands. She's looking at several schools near Baltimore next week and one in Blacksburg, VA in two weeks.

Oh to be young with your life in front of you again! On second thought......

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Sunnie - This is the first time I've posted to you. Yes, you had a full-blown panic attack, what we call 'the works'. If it happens again, please get a checkup with your doc. It doesn't have to be an all-inclusive one, just ruling out obvious things.

The right medication can virtually obliterate these attacks and allow you to function fully. I had my first one on July 7, 1976. My doctor diagnosed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (well, those weren't his words, but that was the problem and he nailed it). I have been on meds ever since and have had a wonderful and productive life. The best thing about meds is that they remove the *fear* of the attack, since you know that help is at hand if you need it.

Please keep us posted. You have a very full plate and this is a subject about which I care deeply.

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