Steam oven owners - is this your second oven?

Kitten1313February 3, 2013

Just curious if the steam oven is your second oven, or if it is in addition to double ovens, either on a range or wall. I was thinking I'd get a 48 in range with the 2 ovens, but I think I want a steam oven. I'm sure I don't need 3 ovens (my husband questions if I need two, but that's another story...)

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My gagg combi is my go-to primary oven...and is in the wall on it's own. Because the trim kit at the time would only bring it to a facade of 27", I didn't want my other wall oven to only be 27", so it flies solo flanked by cabinets (for cookie sheet storage) above, and a drawer and pull-outs below. My other "oven" is a 36" wolf df range. This combo has served me well.

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I have a 48" wolf df range and my combi. Nice at times but not necessary at all. I rarely use th smaller range oven other than holidays.

Next house I would like to do 36" wolf df range and Gagg 30" wall oven paired with combi. Probably still too much....

I would probably be just fine with the 36" df range and the combi as well.

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I have my 27 in. combi oven stacked above my 27 in. convection oven. Both of these are Gaggenau, and the combi is the go-to oven for heating and re-heating.

Instead of a standard microwave, I have a 24 in Miele speed oven. Because of the versatility of the speed and combi ovens, I tend to think of my kitchen as a three-oven kitchen, and I also thought to myself, "Maybe three is too many." I'm glad I decided to have all three anyway! There are times I've had them all going at once and I was very happy to have had three fantastic ovens.

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I have a Thermador steam oven as my second oven and use it as much as my CC range oven. I also put a cheap microwave in the pantry.

My steam oven is under the counter but I would put it higher If space permitted.
Lots of steam escapes when the oven door is opened.

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