teak grab bars

docellieFebruary 9, 2012

Still in the middle of the slowest bathroom reno in history...or so it seems! Mostly our fault- had trouble making decision about tile.

Still having trouble making decisions, this time about grab bars! Looking for a small, non-institutional bar, to place vertically at the entry of the shower, and horizontally on the wall near the tile bench. That one could do double duty as a grab bar and place to hang washcloths. We've looked at all the "designer" bars, but still not happy. Just came across teak grab bars while surfing sites.. Anyone have experience with them? They would work well with the color scheme, and cetainly don't look institutional. The teak bar itself is inserted in chrome mounts. How about teak in general - I've read here that some think water dripping from teak stains the tile....have also read about splintering etc.

Why is it that DH and I have made it well into adulthood relatively unscathed, brought 2 kids to teenagedom, made countless decisions along the way, and are paralyzed by decisions about grab bars and light fixtures??!

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A teak rail with good grain would be plenty strong, deflection would be dependent on the length of the bar.

I've never seen teak drip and stain anything. Cedar and redwood, yes. Teak? Nope.

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We have a had a teak sitting mat on a marble bench for years. No staining. I sand and waterlox it once a year and it looks new again.

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Thanks to you both. As for deflection, we're only planning on using the 10" bars, so I would imagine we should be OK.

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