starting an in-home adult daycare

eskimobaby87October 23, 2006

Hi all...I am thinking about bringing my father home from the nursing home and caring for him myself. In order to offset the costs of an around-the-clock sitter who will be required to help me, I am considering taking in another elderly individual for daycare. We don't have an adult daycare in our area and I understand that it is something in great demand. My father does not require skilled care--I only need help with getting him up and changing his diaper, so it would be feasible to have another person with us during the daytime. I've done quite a bit of research and determined that I don't need any type of licensing, and I will be selective about who I choose to make certain it is someone that we can safely care for.

Is anyone else out there doing this or have you tried it?

Thanks! Mary

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You may not need a license, but be very sure that you have insurance coverage to cover this sort of thing. I am thinking that if the other patient was injured in some way, you would be in a bad position as most Home Insurance policies would not cover someone that was kept for a fee on a regular basis. They would not be considered a guest in your house. If their condition was to worsen after staying with you, some families would love to take you to court for whatever they could get. Be sure to get your lawyer to draw up some sort of waiver that the family would sign beforehand.

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For liability reasons and self protections you need to be licensed by the county and or state and insured for home health care before you take in a person. The I's need to be dotted and the T's crossed one hundred and twenty ways to Sunday.

If the person you take in falls or gets bed soars or who knows, you need to be insured for home health care or be ready to handle medical expenses out of your pocket.

What I and every other care giver can tell you is that one at home is enough. Taking care of the eldery or sick isn't like taking care of kids. Kids are easy.

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Another thing to be aware of is that in handling the elderly, it's not at all unusual for an aide to receive back or other strains. You would be liable for their medical treatment too. Your Home Owners insurance wouldn't cover that either. You should set up a regular payroll account so that anyone that's hurt on the job, even a little injury, will be covered by Workman's Compensation. Your accountant will be able to do all the paperwork involved and make the required reports. Check with him/her before you go into this.
Keeping other people in your home is a lot more involved than just getting someone in to help you.

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It's a terrible responsibility, one I would not take on. If the person gets sick or dies you could be sued and lose everything you have. I baby sat a small girl when I was younger, she was fine and all of a sudden she had a raging fever and a seizure. Liked to have scared me to death. I quit baby sitting and haven't done it for anyone except grandchildren.

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I think you could be a real lifesaver to another person with an elderly parent, and if you can get insurance, I dont see why you shouldnt do it. Also, at the risk of getting flamed on this, it is pretty easy to do a public background check on the potential client and the adult children he or she is living with -- as to whether and how often they have sued people. It would give you an idea of how "sue-happy" they are.

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