S&P Shaker,but what metal are they?

justlindaNovember 30, 2010

Have had these for umpteen years now, and kept them "just because", but have an idea for a craft using them. Just wondering if the metal is polishable ~ or not! They have spots on them but not like spots from cleaning to vigoursly, almost look sort of pitted, but the finish is not raised as pitting would do. Any help or opinions are really welcomed.

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The forms suggest these are castings, likely, low temperature. If these are not silver, then possibilites are pewter or pot metal.

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They are an alloy one often called Britannia. they will polish....but won't be like silver but more like a well polished pewter.
Linda C

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Oh wow ... Egyptian style with little feet! They are cute!

Probably date from the first wave of King Tut mania right after the tomb was discovered in 1925. It wasn't an expensive set, but the design is nice.

Before you craft them up, polish them gently and see what happens.

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Oh yeah....for sure don't mess them up "doing crafts"...go to the dime store and buy a pear for that.

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