Another year!!!

heydeborahOctober 20, 2006

Well today is Al's birthday, he is now 52. it's been a different kind of year, thank goodness no heart problems, that he has to go to the hospital about.we are now going through being up all night and sleep during the day. he is in alot of pain, in his legs (for our new friends out there Al is a double above the knee amputee). i never thought he would tuff it out like he is. when i went to the mental health specialist she said you know that your marriage was over years ago, it's time to move on. well iguess i can't or i just won't. anyways, it's cool and crisp out and ds is spending the weekend with us after work. enjoy those last few warm days if you can. i think about you all often. Debbie

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Hi Debbie,
Tell Al Happy 52 Second Birthday!!!! Oh how I would love to be in the 50's, instead of the 60's--although (knock on wood) I am feeling better than I have felt in a long time.
Glad to see you have your son back in your family.
Want to see one of the things that is keeping me young--


Here is a link that might be useful:

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I wish him a most happy birthday too. He's been through a lot and you are his mainstay. Take care of yourself.

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Connie, what a beautiful baby, tell us more!!! are you freezing where you are too? we had afew flakes of snow on friday and sat. morning, but thankfully it's gone! i just went out to get the mail and i must say it's probably only about 25 out! I get a kick out of the university students from southern ontario they have scarves,mitts, parkas and toques on, well all i can say is they haven't seem cold weather yet! debbie ps. - pb i just finished "S" is for "Silence" from the library, i think i was hold number 112! nonetheless, a good read!

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Thanks Debbie,
We think he is beautiful also, even at 2 and 5 am. I got the shift last night, as his mom has developed a fever and breast infection, so she came to stay with us, so I could help her. Her hubby is in school and does not get home till late.
He is our 4th and probably last grandchild, so I am try to eat him up big time.
Yes our weather has turned a definite cold. We went to upper Michigan last week-end for a wedding and we got to see our first snow and first black ice on the road. Was glad to get back to the lower part, where that has not started as of yet.
My son and his girlfriend are running in the Detroit Marathon this coming week-end, I am hoping it warms a little for that event. He has qualified for the Boston Marathon time and she is trying to do the same.
Well best go get a little shut eye, as the baby is finally asleep.

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