Miele Wall Oven or Electrolux??

mjfruscFebruary 11, 2013

We went to our local appliance store today to get pricing on appliances for our kitchen remodel. We gave him a list of the appliances we were interested in and while he was pricing them out we found a Miele Masterchef single wall oven with a warming draw. We asked him about it and he was willing to sell us both items for $2500.00. This Miele is a discontinued model (H4881BP 30" Single wall oven). It has never been used and comes with a full warranty along with the warming draw.

We were planning on getting the Electrolux Wave Touch single wall oven.(model #EW30EW55GS) and it is priced at $1899 and warming draw is $1000.

In addition, we would like to pair it with a speed oven and we are considering the Electrolux Icon Speed Oven or the GE Advantium. We like that the GE has more space. I saw a picture of the Miele oven with the Advantium and it looks good. I am not sure how the Advantium will look with the Electrolux wall oven.

How would you compare the two ovens? Anyone have the Miele and have you had a temperature control issues with this model? I have been reading this forum and people seem to be pretty happy with the Electrolux oven. We didn't considered the Miele due to the price, but this seems like a good deal.

We would also appreciate your opinions on the speed ovens.

Thanks for your help!

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We have seen a recent post, (maybe 2) that have bought the Miele ovens, and they had no temperature problems. One poster actually measured the temps and reported them here.

I've done a lot of research about the problem and it has existed for a number of years, going back to around 2005 or so.

Unfortunately, those that did have the problems, more or less gave up, as Miele never came up with a fix for most of those ovens, although I do recall a post where one oven had the software replaced and that seemed to fix the problems, but we still don't know the status of the other ovens.

The model number you are looking at, was one of the models posted about with the temp problem, so at the very least I would have the appliance store hook it up, get a good thermometer and measure it! (Other folks, as far as we know) have not been able to find the "software fix" from Miele.

Compare the 2 ovens as I have done, The size and ease of use of the display and controls, Try sliding out the racks on each oven. Open and close the oven door, I compared doors with 3 Elux ovens to 3 Miele ovens, in each case the Electrolux doors operated more smoothly. Take a look at the size of the oven door window, the "bigger the better", at least for us, as our oven is mounted below counter, yet we are still able to see in without a lot of stooping due to the big window.

I've had The Elux oven and Elux speed oven, (Icons), for almost 7 years now, both have been trouble free except for a loose screw on the handle of the speed oven.

Another nice feature of the Elux oven is that the bottom of the oven just lifts out, this makes it easy to clean, since we never self clean our oven, but more important, is should the porcelain chip, (as it has in some Expensive ovens posted about here), you can just replace that bottom part, alto we have not seen "Chipping problems" posted about the Electrolux in about 5 years now, (at least that I've seen).

On to the speed oven!
We find it plenty big for our needs, turkey breasts, thighs, pies, meatloafs, etc etc alto your "mileage might vary". We use the speed oven a lot as it save a lot of time and energy,---example
baked potatoes in 14 minutes,(Including preheated) rather than
45 mintues-1 hour in conventional oven.
The Miele does not use a turntable and it broils, the Elux uses the turntable for microwaving and speed cooking and it does NOT broil, but we almost always do that outside on the infrared broiler.

I believe the controls are a bit easier to use on the Elux, especially when using it as a microwave, just enter the time and push start (Like most any other microwave).

Hopefully I have covered everything , if I haven't maybe others will "Chime In", or "Fire Away" if you have a specific question!

Good luck with your pending decisions!!!


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Thanks Gary for your post! That is a good idea to have them hook up the oven and test the temperature. I have been reading the Miele Oven posts and read about the temp issues. This does give me some concern.

The Lux ovens do open nicely and I really liked the bright light in the oven and the wave touch feature. I have heard rave reviews about the "perfect" turkey! We also liked the two roller racks. And it seems most people here have been happy with their Lux ovens.

Decisions... Decisions.

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I would personally watch them test it. Use an independent thermometer or two. Don't go by the oven thermometer.
See how long it takes to preheat to 350.
Watch it at 350 and see what the temp swing is.
Open the door for a minute or two and see if the preheat comes back on. Does it maintain 350?
When it gets back to 350 turn it up to 400-450 and see how long that takes. You might try the thermometer at the low end of temperature as well.

Electronics can be very tricky and even appear at first to work. I had a nightmare experience with a different brand so learned all this the hard way. I have an Electrolux wall oven now and Wolf DF as well and the Electrolux has been great. It had a little flaking of the enamel when I first got it and they replaced it immediately.

Service is everything!

Make sure you get the longest extended warranty you can from a reliable company. Make sure you get everything in writing.

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I am having problems with a new Masterchef single oven Model 4886BP not cooking evenly. Also, it is not turning out a seared or browned surface on meats or roasted dishes at any of the settings. The operation of this oven is so unpredictable, I am watching the cooking with a thermometer in hand. Baked cakes and breads are turning out dry on the edges and raw in the center. In two service calls, 'user error' has been the finding. After decades of experience and accomplishment, this oven is causing me to feel like a novice. I would not recommend the Miele oven.

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Check my prior posts re my experience with Miele Master Chef.

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I've had my E'lux Wave Touch ovens for going on 3 years, no problems, excellent performance. And yes, that Perfect Turkey button works, beautifully. Temps are spot on, and consistent. Love the roll out racks. I've posted this so many times, if you've looked on GW at all you know what I like about 'em so I won't write it all out again. :-)


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We sold the house that had the Elux oven but I would get it again in a heartbeat. The roll out racks and the Perfect Turkey setting worked great, made me look like I knew what I was doing for Thanksgiving.

We did have an issue that the oven stopped functioning after using the self-clean but I understand they fixed that issue in the newer ovens. I don't really like self-clean anyway so it wasn't a great loss not to use it.

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I have had the E'lux pair that you are considering for two months now. I'm quite satisfied with them.

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Posted by Donalyn
The operation of this oven is so unpredictable, I am watching the cooking with a thermometer in hand.

So how are the temperatures?

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In my main kitchen, I have Miele double ovens, model # H398BP2. Since I have owned them, I turn the temp down by about 15 degrees for most recipes. Other than the ovens running a bit hotter than they should, they have worked very well for me. I especially like the MasterChef features. I use the self-clean function fairly frequently and have never had a problem.
I have an Electrolux slide in range in our lower level party kitchen and it is also wonderful. This oven is not used as frequently, but I have made a turkey and other main dishes in the oven, and everything turned out great. Never an issue with anything.

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I set the convection bake to 375 with the oven thermometer in the center of the rack and at 340 degrees it sounded and displayed the selected temperature. Ten minutes later, it registered 375 degrees. No wonder my cakes are not turning out.
The next project is to roast a small turkey with the probe.

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" Posted by Donalyn

I set the convection bake to 375 with the oven thermometer in the center of the rack and at 340 degrees it sounded and displayed the selected temperature. Ten minutes later, it registered 375 degrees. No wonder my cakes are not turning out."

Was this to bake a cake? I would not use convection at all at least initially to bake a cake. Was 375 the temp called for? It seems high for a cake especially if convection is added.
Actually 340 might not be too far off initially as a normal swing can be as much as 25 degrees on either side. I bet the Miele is much less though. I would let it pre heat 30 minutes to bring the oven into a more stable heat no matter what brand. More importantly what does the temperature do over time(30 minutes)? What is the swing? Also if you open the door for 30 seconds does the oven come back on right away to try to make up for that? I would try that check after you have watched it for thirty minutes. The different modes may behave differently as well but I would try standard bake without convection first.

The next project is to roast a small turkey with the probe.

What will your settings be?

I think it might be best to post this over on your original post because you have some owners over there who can advise you. There are so many modes that you have on that oven. I am going to make a duplicate post over there to continue this.

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We recently went through a similar decision process (Miele vs Elux) and we went with a floor model Chef 4881BP. We already had (and loved) Miele speed oven, microwave and warming drawer.

We were very attracted to Elux but were tempted by Miele since it would match existing Miele appliances plus since we had a great deal with floor model there wasn't really a price difference.

We decided upon the Miele and have been nothing but happy so far.

We also had our dealer (whom we also like allot) include a three year warranty since it was a floor model.

We too were concerned about the documented temp issues reported so I have been watching things like a hawk. DW has made 15 plus dishes in the new oven and we have had wonderful results. My 15 year old daughter just made three loaves of Kings Bread tonight - 375 convection bake for 25 minutes ( just as recipe suggested) and the results were (trust me as I had three pieces) outstanding!

I have tested the temperature with two different thermometers:

Taylor basic oven thermo read 365 when oven was set at 375
Digital thermometer (cant remember the brand) said 371 and oven was set at 375.

However, the Taylor read 200 degrees while sitting in a pot of boiling water so it obviously reads low!

Also, have you considered the Miele Speed oven? We have had ours for about a year and DW is totally smitten with it.

I think the larger Advantium ( the one that requires 220) is quite a bit bigger than either the Elux or the Miele speed oven.

Is the Miele you are looking at hooked up? If so, take a couple thermometers along with you and go do a temperature test!

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