Dementia Care Redefined: How A Facility May Change An Industry

jkom51October 7, 2013

A friend saw this article and sent me the link. It is an amazing article about Beatitudes, an AZ care facility that is pioneering not just new methods, but an entirely new mindset amongst its staff, in handling dementia and Alzheimer's residents.

It's an inspiring read. My spouse and I are currently dealing with a MIL with dementia, and will soon be taking her to a seniorcare facility nearby. I'm giving a copy of this article to the facility's admissions director and I know she'll share it with her colleagues.

These would be such amazing changes to see make an impact where we live (on the West Coast). I can only hope we see them soon! Some of them are big changes; but others are surprisingly small ones, like paint and colored carpet tiles.

The New Yorker allows free access and does not require registration.

Here is a link that might be useful: Article: The Sense of an Ending

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CA Kate

Thank you for sharing this article. While my DH doesn't have dementia it still gave me some insight into how he must feel about his condition and what he must feel when enduring the ministrations of caretakers.

It is seven pages long, but well worth the read.

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I read it thru and it was impressive. I forwarded the link.

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