ID maker's mark on two figurines

toddthecatNovember 1, 2011

I stumbled across this forum after searching for probably an hour or two trying to ID a maker's mark on two porcelain figurines. No one anywhere else seems to have a clue about these things! There is nothing to ID them besides the mark which is a mystery...

If anyone can tell me what these are about with info I can verify and I can use that info to sell them (10 year veteran of eBay), I'll send a slice of the profits your way!

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Well if you are a good eBay dealer you should know that we will need better pictures to ID them....where is that gold mark pictured?
And clearer close up pictures.....and pictures of the bottom as well.
Is that a W? Or maybe an M?

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I looked in both of my "marks" books & didn't find anything under "crown" M or W. Sorry, hope someone has the answer for you!

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Don't know if it is an M or W, that's why I posted it here. I think the stamp itself is pretty clear so I'm not sure what you want past that in terms of a photo of the actual mark. It is found on the side of the base. There are no other markings anywhere on these, that is why I did not post a bunch of other photos. Since you feel you can identify them by means other than the mark, feel free to let me know what you'd like pictures of. If you just have a bad attitude, start checking it at the door.

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You asked for ID....with 2 blurry pictures. No one here said "post pictures! We'll tell you what you have." You came here asking for information.
Seeing the stamp in the context of the piece as well as clear pictures of the back and the bottom of the pieces would help.

Do you own these pieces or are you reposting a picture you found and looking for an "appraisal" before offering a bid?

Seeing how the bottom is made, what the back looks like and a close up of the mark in situ would help ID the piece.

If the attitude problem is yours, why not find another forum for information.

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Fori is not pleased

Dell Inspiron, model number should be under the lid. Circa 2005ish.

Come on, more pictures can be helpful.

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No, I couldn't find that mark anywhere, either. It is suggestive of German/Austrian marks and the Winterling Brothers bought and sold in and out of many manufactories through the years, and yes there were many crown over W marks used by some of those companies, but none I can find exactly like yours. But then again most were stamped, and these are hand-painted. They could be very legitimate of some company none of us are familiar with, or they could be made by an entity 'hoping' someone will associate the crown over W with one of those companies. I even check some resources for 'fake' marks. LOL. I just find that an odd way to mark a figurine. Pottery is one of my bags, but I'm not much into the fancy little figurines.

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