Painting my bathroom

Beth101February 3, 2012

Hi! Need help. Looking for paint color to tone down the pink/peach tint in the rialto beige tile in shower and around the tub. The floor is a dark brown, cherry(dark) cabinets and a light granite top. Color now is sage green. Not working well with tile. Thanks!

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Can you post some pictures? I imagine that would help immensely. Without seeing everything, I can't be certain this is a good suggestion, but in my kitchen we have peachy pink laminate counters (to be replaced when we do that remodel). I painted the walls a deep rich red and it really toned down the pink in the counters. Previously the walls were green and the opposite color emphasized the pinkness in the counters. Now that the red is so much more prominent in the walls, the pinkness of the counters visually fades. In fact, people who have been in our kitchen before have been surprised when we mentioned our pink counters in passing as they hadn't even realized they were pink. You wouldn't necessarily have to go with red, but green is almost certainly going to highlight any red/pink tones because it is the opposite color of red.

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Sophie Wheeler

Something in the terra cotta tones would work to minimize the pink. Also check your lighting to make sure that it's not a contributor.

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Thank you for the information. I will definitely post some pictures. Thanks for the quick reply.

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I am still trying to pick my new bathroom tile but in my research I stumbled across this article that you may find helpful. It specifically suggests avoiding paints with blue or green tones.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Not Pink Bathroom

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