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brenaOctober 23, 2005

Hi All, I have been reading your forum for sometime now when I get a chance..Been caregiving for my Mother since July 1st..she has dementia and from what Ive read in 6th stage..Physically she is fit but mentally she is wearing everyone out..after experiencing this for only 4 months I would like to give you All the highest of honors..This is the toughest thing Ive ever dealt with and after breaking out with shingles and having panic attacks and getting hardly no help from family (just when they have the time) I thought maybe sometimes I could vent here or get some advice on things I run into and not sure how to handle. Thanks

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Welcome to the group & vent away, ask all the questions you need to!! Consider us your surrogate family.. We have all been there, done that.

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Hi Brena...Welcome! You can absolutely do that here!! We will all be more than happy to suggest and get help from you also. Dementia is such a hard row to hoe...especially with no help. As Ogoopogo said, many of us have been in your shoes or are currently there. So , join in anytime.; DerryW

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