deck mount handheld shower on acrylic tub

nevertoosafeFebruary 22, 2014

Mistake: purchase acrylic tub from Menards 8 months ago-supposedly you can't put deck mount faucets on it-this was okay with me until I realized everything I wanted and needed for my deep soaking experience requires deck mount faucet systems. I want to rinse off, wash hair and clean my bathtub with handheld hose on the outside hanging in the tub (cheap acrylic tub won't handle this wear and tear besides I won't want it hanging out in the open I want pullout hose) The only thing I find that has a hidden hose is a deck mount system. Can I put only the hand held shower as a deck mount if the diameter of the inlet is small enough that it will fit on the deck and just drill a hole in the acrylic tub if I have the space for this? Can the tub filler itself and handles still be mounted on the wall? Where does the diverter need to be on the tub filler or with the handheld shower on the deck if I can mount on the deck of the tub?

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Sophie Wheeler

Deck mount also means in the deck surrounding the rub. If you do it as an undermount with a stone slab, that will offer additional support and will handle the wear and tear.

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So you have no tile tub deck around the tub? You have no shower in this tub?

Yes, you can have a wall faucet and the handshower installed on the tub deck.

The issue with a wall faucet is that there aren''t any high fill faucets for deep soakers if you need 60 gallons rapidly filled.

You can use a wall faucet and have the piping for the shower head go down to the tub deck and install a handshower at the end.

Shower valves have higher flow rates for the bottom port for bathtubs. The flow rate varies from brand to brand but is generally can range from 5 to 7 gpm. The diverter for the handshower will be in the tub spout. A roman faucet is around 16 gpm. Kohler does have a 3 handle system that is around 10 gpm. You can build your own wall system with 2 separate volume control valves and a diverter valve.

What some people do is build a tile ledge or shelf in front or on the side of the tub that is integrated with the tile tub deck or wall and then mount a roman faucet on top of it. If you don't have space for that, then you can build a large niche in the wall and install the roman faucet in that.

Let us know what you want to do and we can give you more details.

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