Old Franklin Sewing Machine year?

payton32November 30, 2013

I have had a Franklin sewing machine that I bought more than 33 years ago--and it was old at that time. It sits in the typical ood and wrought iron cabinet. I cannot find a serial number or model number on it, although when I flipped open the bobbin flat piece, these are the numbers: 386930

I have no idea if that is the serial number or a model number and am asking the forum members if anyone can tell me. I would like to find out the date it was made.

thank you in advanced

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The number imprinted on the slide plate over the bobbin run is indeed your serial number. Franklins were made by the Domestic Sewing Machine company and were one of the brands very typically found in Montgomery Ward turn of the century catalogues. White eventually bought out Domestic. I'm not sure what year the machines sold under the Franklin badge ceased production. I used to have a bunch of material on sewing machine manufacture dates and who badged what but I'd not know how easily I can find it. I have a modest collection of old machines. But this is a start to point you in the right direction.

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