covering sides of refrig.

char35February 9, 2013

I don't know if anyone has ever done this but I would like to cover the sides of my new refrig. They are black. That's the way they come. I was thinking of covering it with a lighter brown that would look better against my counter. I don't want to use a contact paper that would leave a lot of "stickum" if I sould want to remove it. I'm not going to grumble if there is nothing I could do. I just thought I would ask.

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Actually, the vinylized contact paper (shelf liners) do not seem to leave stickum, at least if your fridge has textured sides. When I bought my KA fridge last summer, its gray sides seemed to be a lot darker shade in my home than they seemed in the store. I thought about painting. To see how lighter colored sides might look, I tried some white vinyl self-adhesive shelf liner on the sides. I left it on for about four months. Thing was, that paper tended to crinkle and bubble. So, I peeled it off. No stickum left on the fridge's textured sides.

There are also some magnetic ss panels made to go on some brands of fridge. Our local Lowe's or HD carries them, but the panels are expensive. There was a thread on this last fall, but I cannot find it at the moment. Maybe you will have better luck turning it up.

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