Best oven for baking???

emmachas_gwFebruary 14, 2009

I've read reviews on ovens until I'm cross eyed.

Most reviews seem to concentrate on roasting, rotisserie, broiling capabilities.

I'm on a mission to find the best oven for baking.

From this wealth of experience can anyone offer suggestions?

Thanks for any assistance you might offer.

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I like baking in Gaggenau. I haven't compared it in use to other modern ovens, however, and I'm sure there are quite a few that bake well. Most people tend to prefer baking in electric (or wood fired).

What I like about baking in Gaggenau is that the temperature is accurate, consistent, predictable, doesn't vary etc. Cookies or hors d'oeuvres come out the same no matter what part of the oven they're in, and tray after tray, year after year, go in for the same time at the same temperature and come out just right, first tray to last.

I do cold start baking as well. Make sure your oven can be set for a gradual heating time if you do too. I'm anxiously hoping that the current model, which I've bought but not installed, does this as well as the old one. The distributors assured me that it would. Unlike some ovens that always do fast heat, on the Gaggenau that is an option that one chooses on the programming menu.

It also costs a scary lot. I'm sure there are less expensive ovens that also bake well. Actually, someone in another thread recently said the convection on the Gaggenau wasn't as good as she was used to, though I haven't had that problem.

Best yet, the side opening door makes it much easier to take out a souffle, chiffon, or anything else made mostly of air that you don't want to jostle. I hate reaching across an oven door. :)

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Any convection oven over regular oven.

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Is there a rule of thumb for converting regular baking temperatures and times to convection? For instance, if a cookie recipe specifies 350F for 20 minutes, what temperature should be used for how long if using the convection mode?

I find the bottom of cookies baked on the lowest rack position in our Wolf using regular mode tend to burn. Will using convection mode avoid this problem?

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Brick "white oven", hands down winner. Perfect bread crust and no loss of those great baked bread odors up the chimney.

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We purchased a Viking 36" all gas over 2.5 yrs ago during our remodel - I've always been considered a "cooker" not so much a baker - which was limited to birthday cakes and Christmas cookies, very little in between -
The bonus with the Viking is I started venturing into baking - cakes from scratch (best was 7 layer coconut), cookies, breads, pies, biscuits, puffed pastry etc.. - the result is perfection every time! I do use the convection mode - quite pleased with my baking

Good luck

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Evenness of heat is the first thing that comes to mind. If you are doing a smaller oven 24" or 27" any convection oven will do the smaller cavities have a more even heat pattern. If 30" is your choice there are three that offer twin fan convection to even up the heating pattern, they would be American both gas and electric, Wolf electric only and Fulgor electric only. Even heat is what makes better baking.

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I have Wolf double ovens and have been quite happy with them.

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What model and year was your older gaggeanau?
Was it good for baking cakes? I heard that convection ovens caused the cake to fall due to the air. was your new gaggeanau as good as your older model

Was your Viking 36 good for baking cakes? same question I've herd that convection ovens cause the cakes to fall, so did you turn off the convection feature to bake cakes?

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