Strange body odor?

katinkatyOctober 6, 2011

Hi, I'm hoping some of you more experienced members can help me solve a mystery. My FIL moved in with us this past June, and over time we've noticed an odor about him and the bedroom he sleeps in. It isn't normal BO, but it is strong; sort of like rancid oil. He showers fairly regularly (every 2-3 days); however there are times that I notice the skin on his face feeling oily (I put eyedrops in his eyes every morning). I've wondered if it is related to any medications he's taking. He's diabetic and takes metformin, as well as blood pressure meds. It's getting to where the smell is spreading to the rest of the house, and sometimes we can smell him when we're out with him. I've chatted with him about it and he's understandably embarrassed, but mostly we all just want the smelliness to go away. He isn't incontinent, but he is beginning to develop vascular dementia. Any ideas, anyone? Thank you!

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Try showering every day and washing his hair and see if that helps.

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May be the soap he is using, but I would discuss it with his Dr. There may be medical problems not diagnosed. It may be his meds.

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Try soaking bedding & his clothes in 1 cup vinegar for couple of hours before adding soap & washing them, it helps get rid of "old folks" smell.GF bought lots of bags of old T shirts from TS that had them for 99 cents a bag in all colors- she didn't figure on the smell tho, when she opened them up & washed them. I think she used vinegar followed by another rinse of soda, Borax washing soda would work also- she needed the colors to stay as she cut them in strips & made a lovely rug from the pieces. Be sure he actually washes his hair well, can use some vinegar on it & rinse off. We used that after a friend's sister came out of mental institution & I don't know when they had last washed her hair!(She had been working with social services helping abused kids & ended up using her whole paycheck to buy kids stuff they needed) Could be meds, a disease, or maybe even lotion or something that is not "mixing" with his chemistry.

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You may want to mention this odor to his doctor, especially since he has diabetes. There are certain odors associated with diabetes. Also, I believe there have been complaints about the smell of metformin itself. Best of luck.

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Here it's not my fil, but my dd, age 28. She just moved back in and it's a dirty laundry/locker room type smell. Driving me nuts too.

Does your fil shower daily and put on fresh clothes every day? With dd it turned out to be her shoes and the clothes she had worn once and was saving to wear again. We just put a stop to that yesterday so I don't know if that stopped it or not yet.

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Forgot to mention that should change sheets after a shower or you sleep in same smell & pick it up again. Also the hairbrush & comb he uses needs top be washed with shampoo & run comb through brush several times & see that tines of comb are clean, may need to rinse with vinegar. I used to visit lot of older folks & helped them figure out why their hair smelled!(Mostly dirty brush & comb but sometimes they were only washing hair once a month) With my dad we be sure his hair is washed & rinsed well twice a week. He had a lot of hair but since the stroke it seems to be thinning but may be because his food likes & dislikes are causing the problem. Doesn't like very many veggies any more. marti8a- see if DD can wear Dr. Scholl's type foam insoles & have her change often & wash them out by hand, should keep smell in shoes down, a little powder, either foot powder or baby powder helps with teens too, just sprinkle in shoe.

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