Rummage Sale Find-- Fork and Knife Set. Info Please?

ronnykNovember 6, 2012

Hi there,

I contribute to the home improvement-related forums on GardenWeb and don't often venture over to these parts, but I am wondering if someone might be able to tell me more about an item I recently found at a rummage sale.

This is an old (and apparently, unused) fork and knife set. I would describe them as a "fruit" knife and fork based on their size and scale-- each is about 6.5" in length. They were found in an appropriately sized, cotton-lined jeweler's box marked "Sykes-Libby Jewelers," a family-owned Connecticut jeweler that is no longer in business. Both the knife and fork bear ornate castings (see picture) and the fork bears the stamp "Italy" on the back, at the bottom of the handle. I would surmise that they are silver-plated, given there is no weight mark.

Can anybody tell me a bit more about what I have?

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Sorry....but they are cheap, often made in Italy sometimes thinly silver plated but more often not, just made of a metal that takes being cast well. sold as "decorative" items, intended to hand in those spoon displays.
Likely they are newly introduced to the jewelry store box, just for storage....or to sell them.
The knife has no edge does it? And they probably were not intended to go together....just happen to be sold together.

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Thanks for your reply. Actually, the knife has a fairly sharp edge to it.

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Sharp enough to cut something? I could be wrong.....
Perhaps the knife is a letter opener....and the fork....just decorative.

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