Need some clarification on electircal oven/microwave install

devslashnullFebruary 5, 2013

Hey All,

I'm planning on buying a 30" MMW9730A Maytag oven microwave combo. The install instructions seem generic about the amperage and wiring stating it's a 240vac 5520w at 30.5amps. Currently I have a 3 wire (with a 4th ground) 10g wire going to 2 phase 30amp breakers. If my math is correct 5520w shouldn't be pulling more than 24amps which would fall in the %80 range. So why do they state it's pulling 30.5 amps? I've currently have the walls out and wondering if I need to spend the money to get this upgraded to 8g/40amp breakers or will the current wiring work?

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Sophie Wheeler

It appears from the installation instructions that the MW/oven without the convection feature can use a 30 amp circuit, and the one with the MW/Convection oven needs a 40 amp circuit. It would never go amiss to go ahead and install the larger wire while the walls were open in either case. (Just use the appropriate sized breaker required by the oven.) In 10 years time, you may want to replace this model with something that has a new whizzbang feature that needs more electricity.

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I don't know if the version without the convection would matter it's only a 30w difference.

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