Advice on Pottery

andri1976November 26, 2012

Hello all

New to this blog today.

I have recently begun a small obsession with collecting pottery antiques, plates and collectibles.

Can someone please offer any advice on this piece? Not much info but I thought someone may have a good eye on what it possibly might be.

Many thanks and I look forward to much discussion in the future!

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I wouldn't even consider buying something that the seller offered no more info on the piece than that seller did. Unless, of course, I knew just what it was and what the value was.
Not sure what it is, but it doesn't look like a good quality ware to me, not Disney.

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I agree with Linda - the seller is making zero effort to identify the piece, has a tiny picture, and doesn't even mention any marks or damage.

Don't buy unless you can fondle the merchandise.

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