No Tolerance for Noise

mimi427September 3, 2005

I'm wondering if there's anyone here that is dealing with this problem. My mom (who has Alz) has NO tolerance whatsoever for noise of any kind, except her television. She's 83 and her hearing is GREAT. I believe the problem is that in order for her to focus on what she's "watching" on TV, she closes her eyes, to better concentrate. Then, when there's a sound in the room, it startles her and she goes off, whether it's me, or my dogs or my DH. It's really beginning to irritate me and I don't know how to handle it. I got really ticked off the other nite, just had it, and told her I simply cannot keep the house absolutely quiet for her 24 hours a day. I only ended up upsetting her, then of course I felt lousy. Anyone dealing with anything like this?


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can you get her to wear 'headphones'? that would bloct out the ambient noise. carolyn

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Don't feel lousy, you are doing an heroic job.

Is she in her own room or in the family/living room? You may need to isolate her. She's not "watching" TV, she's probably lost in her own thoughts and the TV provides white noise. Can you find another kind of white noise that will block out the normal sounds of life that seem to bother her. Otherwise, you'll have to learn to block out her rants. (Yeah, right). A pat on the hand and a quick "Sorry" might work, but don't change your life, or you'll go crazy.

My mother got this way, and my dad was able to cope by giving a nod and a reassurance to her, until she started to get physical, then she went to the nursing home.

Good luck.

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