Suggestion for paint color with carrara that is NOT blue?

belle_phoebeFebruary 7, 2010

We are currently putting a master bathroom in the 1843 Victorian we bought and started remodeling in October. My husband chose Coliseum white tiles (faux carrara) for the floor and shower tiles, and I wanted a prefab pan, so ordered a solid surface one in a gray to match. Pan is already here, so changing floor color is not an option at this point. Vanity cabinets are dark wood to match our bedroom furniture. I originally planned to paint it the same spa blue that we've had for 6 years in our current house, but last night DH mentioned that he'd like to see something different. Anyone have any other suggestions?. This room is part of a 3-room master suite, so the color will need to work/blend for a sitting room and bedroom as well.

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Here are some bathrooms with pretty colors other than


Sun Dance BM

Craftsman twist

Douglas Fir BM

Modern Decorpad

light blue Farrow and Ball old white FB

Carrerra this old house

Mountain Sage by Behr

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I think just about any color can go well. It all depends on what feeling you want. I chose to go with a white that's approximately the same as the white background of my faux carrara marble tiles in order to make the space feel larger in my smallish main bathroom. (I think the color is Ralph Lauren Grand.) I really like the idea of gray that would tie in well with the veining in the tiles. I think a blue-gray would also go well. A sage color would be modern and soothing and would make the tile stand out. A light yellow would be sunny and warm feeling. If you want to be really bold, you could even do a deep color like a blood red. Can you describe the feeling you want for the space? (energetic? modern? feminine? masculine? soothing? traditional? something else?)

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Well, I know this isn't for everyone and it might not work for you because you want the color to flow out to a master bedroom... but... our main bathroom on the first floor has faux carrera marble tile in the shower and some beautiful faux marble (very nearly pure white with a little grey) floor tile. We also have dark wood trim and vanity and we used a very warm pink wall color (wall paper actually) with a very subtle venetian plaster looking color variation. The white, grey veins, dark wood and warm pink look great together. DH even loves it.

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Thank you all for the suggestions. Our house is a Second Empire Victorian built in 1843, so we are trying to be true to the style of the house, but with a fresher, somewhat updated feel that works for a young family. (We are in our 30s with two girls, 9 and 7.) Our house is full of original (or close to it) light fixtures, fresco ceilings and intricate woodwork (most painted, some not). It feels pretty grand, and some needs to be toned down for a slightly more livable feel.
But I digress...soothing but not too cool. I was concerned about the carrara because it can look cold, so am now thinking of ways to warm it up a little, but still complement. I've always been great with color, but am a little stymied on this one. Could be because we have so much reno going on in the house at once. I have seen some nice ivories with the gray.
Kimkitchy, the pink sounds lovely. Any photos?
Thank you for all of the suggestions.

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That's weird, my first thought was pink too. I think it's a question of what warms up light gray...that whole pink and gray preppy thing came to mind.

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also consider what compliments your skin tone, and how much natural lite...a pinkish toned ivory or a buttery yellow each sound yummy and my decision would be based on the natural and the type of electrical lighting. Also, i am less fond of pink accented accessories and towels so that is a consideration for me (in which case i would be using grays and whites only, whereas with yellowish walls (which i think can look "of the period"), some sunny accents can be added readily.

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I love the Sun Dance yellow in the top picture, but your bathroom sounds like it would work with a variety of colors.

Mostly I'm writing with a plea to post pictures at some point! The house sounds lovely.

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collins design

I have carrera in my kitchen, and am about to paint the walls Benjamin Moore Albescent. It may work in my space because the cabinets are natural cherry.... not sure what your other elements are. But it certainly would be a flattering color!

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Sally isn't my real name.I don't want to tell the whole world. Now, I am a relative of Martha Stewart. Hopefully, you've heard of her. Look on her website or any of her magazines, and find a good color. If you can't find one, post that. Then, i'll give you her e-mail. She'll be fine with it. Don't worry. I've already asked. >.

Here is a link that might be useful: Martha Stewart

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