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tad0422January 6, 2014

First off I wanted to say how useful this forum has been, especially for a newbie like me who knows nothing about home construction. Thanks you everything for contributing!

So below is the modified version of the floorplan we are considering.

Things We Like:

We love craftsman style homes. We both come from California suburbia (now living in middle TN) and just love of the charm and exterior style of craftsman homes. My wife also has a bad knee so we wanted something that is mostly single story. The stairs lead to a bonus room above the garage that will would probably use as my office/library.

We wanted to make sure we had a powder room for guests. Basically an easy to keep clean area so when we have kids I don't have to worry too much about how their bathroom looks. Speaking of kids, my wife wants the bedrooms to be near the master. Her preference, not mine but compromise is compromise. We also plan to have an unfinished basement that we can add onto later for more space. I know in the future her parents will be living with us as the recession has hit them extremely hard.

Also I have a thing for fireplaces that separate large living spaces. Kind of like a natural room divider. We want it to be fairly small as to not completely cut off the room but still to have some flair to make it a focal point for the eyes.

Things We Don't Like:

The kitchen. I don't what it is about it but it feels inefficient with the space. I feel we could get more out of it with a better design but for the life of me I can't figure it out. Maybe I am just over thinking it? Also the kitchen island...just something that feels off.

Lack of light in the home. We love natural light but I just don't think we are getting enough with this floorplan. Is this something as simple as skylights might fix or is it a more serious problem? We love some expertise on this.

Original Plan with added information:

I will list all the changes I have made to the original floorplan.

1. Adding french doors and having them face the front of the the home instead of a single door facing the side.

2. Creating a Bay Window in the dinning area to create more space for a small breakfast table. Also to allow more light in.

3. Changing the wet bar into a powder room.

4. Added additional storage in kitchen where the nook was near the added powder room.

5. Removed covered patio and enlarged the flex area/family room. Outside area will most likely have a large covered & screened in patio.

6. Moved the see through fire place back since more space was added.

7. Added interior access to the downstairs basement. Original plans only had access from the garage.

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the great room and flex room looks as if it will be lacking in
natural light except for the area near the rear of the house-the 15 ft width will also make it feel a bit narrow

if you're going to have guests, the dining area may be to small, but nice windows there

master bedroom is a nice size, but the two other bedrooms may be a bit small also...
I think you'll find something you like better if you continue looking....

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Thanks for the feedback. I guess I should have mentioned that the flex space would be used for a formal dining area. My wife has an antique family table she wants used for holiday gatherings, etc.

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Gosh, just don't care for the powder room opening directly onto the family room. Can you move the door to the mudroom side?

If you want the formal dining table at the other end, you could design a cart to fit under the island to make it easier to move things back and forth.

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Moving the door to the mudroom is probably a good idea. I didn't think of that.

The formal dining room wont be used that often. Just for the 2-3 big events of the year.

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This is the original image

IMO the flex room that you intend to use as a dining room is too far from the kitchen. What furniture do you intend to have in the family room? What furniture do you intend to have in the area in front of the fireplace? Now image having to carry all the food from the kitchen around all this furniture over to the flex space. Not an easy thing to do.

How big of a table do you want in the dining area off the kitchen? It is very small. If you have a table with chairs, maybe a high chair, are you going to be able to open the cabinets doors on the left?

If someone is sitting at the island bar, are you going to be able to open the pantry doors behind the island?

In moving the wall for the stairs, the garage is now too small.

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You make some good points. Now that I am thinking about it, it does feel too far from the kitchen.

I also see your point to the small dining area in the kitchen and that's why I tried to make it a little bigger but that might just be a band-aide for what might be a bigger issue.

Thank you for your opinions!

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I personally don't like the corner sink as it conflicts with the dw opening. I never like the kitchens on stock plans, they always need work.

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