Update on dad..he's getting a pacemaker

mikeandbarbSeptember 15, 2008

They are still looking for a blood clot and then going to do a shock treatment then wait 45 min's and put in a pacemaker. The shock treatment is where they put him under and use the paddles on him to try and get his heart to beat normal. The doctor said right now it's only beating 20 beats a min. I don't know what happens if that does not work, guess the doctor will have to see what happens and go from there.

I also talked to the SS worker at the hospital and I will be setting it up for dad to go into rehab and maybe into assisted living after that or back home all depends on how he's doing. Good news is that when I talked to the doctor and said he'd sign the papers for dad to go into the rehab. Dad home is not in good living condition's and if it takes me inviting them over for a look I'll do my best. Plus I told them that dad talks about wanting to die, say's he tired of going through all the illnesses going to the doctor's all the time. BTW He has prostate cancer and just started shots 6 months ago.

I have lost 10 pounds within the 4 days that this has all happened, that is how stressed this all has me, thank goodness I can afford to lose it LOL.

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I'll be sending you good thoughts and prayers. geri

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Thank you gerina,

Everything went well but it was touch and go for awhile.
They did not find a clot and even with shock treatment it did not get dads heart back into normal heart beat rhythm, then when he was wheeled into the OR it started beating normal.
The doctor did say that dad has two leaky heart valves so now I've got to see if he's going to fix the leaks. I wasn't thinking fast enough to ask him yesterday.
Today I have to go look at two rehabs and pick one out for them to take dad to today. I don't like how fast you have to make decisions but hopefully it's only for 2 weeks for his recovery.


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Hi Barb,

I'm glad things went well, but I know how that "waiting for the other shoe to drop feeling lingers" and weighs heavily at these times. It does at least for me because it usually takes awhile before all of the dust settles. Just try to take care of yourselves because I didn't.

Last year beginning in June, I went through the wringer with my mom. Ironically she was oblivious to almost all of it because she was heavily sedated. I was someone who never got sick nor went to the doctor. Since 9/28/07, I was rear-ended (one week after my mom was released from hospital) painful whiplash; 10/31 the noro-virus; early 12/07 bronchitis and 6 week cough; end of 2/08 shingles in my ear and I still have a painful neuralgia, 7/08 breast cyst; and now for the last few weeks upper respiratory infection/possibly whooping cough! I'm on antibiotics now, still coughing, and I am supposed to get married next week out of state but I don't feel well :o(. So, please take care of yourself as much as you can because you don't want to end up like me.

Regards, Geri

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Geri, sounds like getting away to get married will be a very good thing for you! Just make sure to try, now I said try! and rest some! Know it might be hard to do while honeymooning, but at least give it a whirl! LOL!

Barb, am glad things are settling a little bit for you. I know, no matter the illness, the worry that comes with it. I also understand the not being able to think fast enough to ask those questions one wants to ask! I think our brains go on overload at times but eventually you will get all questions answered. Prayers for you and yours.

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Thank you all for the kind thoughts and prayers.

Geri, I hope you have a wonderful wedding and you feel better. Let us know how it goes. You know we love to hear good things happen to wonderful people. Blessing to you and your husband.

Well, thing's did not go good the first day at the rehab my dad was fit to be tied. Mad as all get out wanting to go home. It is really bothering him seeing people in the rehab that can't do anything for themselves, Stroke victims.
The doctor at the rehab said dad is in the early stage of dementia and I have noticed his thinking wasn't right but could not get anyone to listen to me. If it wasn't for dad having the congestive heart failure and having to have the pacemaker he's still be at home. One of the biggest problems with my dad is over medicating himself. He has prostate problems that made it where he could not urinate, his bladder closed up at one time so if he does not urinate he thinks taking an extra flowmax will make him go and no matter how many times I or the doctor has told him he's only to take one. Then he's also taken two high blood pressure medicine if he couldn't go.
His primary doctor is a quack, he does not help dad at all, he's given my dad whatever medicine my dad ask for and my dad told me once that he had been told that this doctor will kill you meaning that he doesn't take care of you right but dad would not change doctors. Now that may get him away from this quack of a doctor dad may have a chance to get the help he really needs.
I went to tour and interview a dementia center today. I liked the place the people living there are very happy. The ladies there cracked me up one say's she was a dancer and singer so she sung a little for me and she was really good. Another loves people she hugs and kisses everyone. They are pretty much on the same level of dementia. I don't know how it will go moving dad into another center but I'm hoping I'm able to tell him in away that he'll feel better making the move.
I went by to see dad after I got done with the tour and his legs were swelling up, I told the nurse and I hope they are watching him close. If I knew how to care for him I'd bring him home with me but he's at a point where he needs nurses and doctors watching over him.

I am very tired I hope I didn't mess this up LOL. I tend to leave things out, sikp or get ahead of myself when writting.

Thanks for listening to me ramble on, Barb

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Hi Barb.

I wish that I could do or say something that would help your situation. My mom was the same as your father with regard to the medication. She would take some of her breathing meds before it was time for a treatment, take her diuretics one day and then not for a couple of days because she didn't like having to get up to use the bathroom - not good for her and very frustrating for me. She doesn't have dementia, and was just stubborn.

I'm sure you know how serious too much of one med or not enough of it can be. While your father's not home, it would probably be a good idea to gather up all of his meds and any over the counter stuff he takes, including vitamin/supplements and bring them to the doctor's for review. I don't know how you are going to be able to monitor his meds once he goes home, but that might be something to think about as well. I'm sorry that I am not much help, but I will be thinking of you. Geri

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