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ginnierSeptember 23, 2005

My folks still live "on their own" but I am chauffeur and do their meds. Mom's very sedentary, but she still toddles to the kitchen counter or bathroom. Well, she's developed an early stage bed sore at the top of her leg...very high and in back. Is a cushy duoderm patch going to heal this? Or does she HAVE to change positions? I realize that she has shifted her position somewhat as a result of the discomfort, but I am wondering what else I can do? She's sitting on a pillow now... How long does this take to clear up?! I wonder how long it has taken to develop!!! Yikes! TIA

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I just googled bed sores and duoderm, what have I done to my mama!!!!!!!!! One RN of 12 yrs. said do not stick duoderm to a tender area like that, the skin could rip when we go to remove it... Maybe I can talk her into taking a nice bath (lst in years probably! LOL). The sites recommended changing position every hour or two and that would make a GREAT deal of difference as long as the site is not open. Now if I can just get Mom to understand changing positions....

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I believe there is a spray that can be sprayed on the area that toughens the surrounding skin. I don't know how well it works or what it's called. I saw it in the NH when my aunt was there. I am sure that a druggist could tell you something to use. Get one of those "egg crate" type pads for her to sit on. She needs to get up more so that there are periods of time when there is NO pressure on that area.

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Good morning!! PB how right you are! Al has constant bedsores, we have that egg crate bed pad (actually we have a queen bed but i bought kind -- 2.00 more just so that i could cut it to fit and use the extra -- 2 layers thick to fit into old pillowcases so he can sit on it). also we use zinc oxide cream. the hospital here uses the patches you mentioned. they take forever to heal

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Both will have to be done. Pressure sores can develop in a few hours or a few days. Duoderm is wonderful stuff, and it should stay on for days, so when you take it off, the skin should be healing and won't pull off. As a Home Health Nurse, I used it on my homebound patients with bed sores. A good cleaning and drying of the area is essential when it's changed.

On a personal note, I developed saddle sores on a trail ride a few years ago (long story, great trip). I didn't even realize I had them for a few days, I just felt some pain. When I finally looked back (with great difficulty) and realized I had open pressure sores, I tried applying the usual dressings with no success. Finally, I got some Duoderm like stuff at the drug store and put it on both of them, and LEFT IT ALONE for 5 days, per their instructions. It won't come off in the shower. When I peeled them off, my skin was almost completely healed.

Put some Duoderm or something like it on the area now and leave it, the area should heal. Changing position is important, too, because her skin will continue to break down. She needs to "toddle" into the kitchen every couple of hours to get the circulation back into that area.

Good luck.

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Hi Ginnier... I'm not familiar with duoderm patches but did use the tegaderm patch on my mother. (I also googled to see if the duoderm is similar to tegaderm. It seems like they are used in the same way.)

My mother had a pigmentation condition in one spot on the lower front part of her arm for years. After she became bedridden, this pigmentation broke down. I spoke with a nurse who encouraged me to use the tegaderm patch. As I recall, the patch was on her arm for at least two weeks. I checked it constantly to watch the progress of the skin filling in. Naturally, the skin fills in around the outer edge first. When enough skin formed, I GENTLY AND CAREFULLY started to peel and roll back just a fraction of the outer edge of the patch A LITTLE EVERY DAY OR SO... I was terrified that I would tear the skin so I took it slowly... Fortunately, my mother didn't fuss with the patch. She trusted me and was content that I was helping her. I talked with the nurse regularly and she assured me it was all right to leave it on that long. It healed beautifully. An elderly personÂs skin is so thin and fragile I pray all goes well. ~abreeze

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In addition to all of the above, take care that the duoderm dressing does not get soiled or wet when she uses the bathroom. If the sore is under her gluteal fold, be sure that area gets dried well whenever damp and that perspiration is not an issue. If she can lie prone or in a position so that air can get to the area, that will help with drying and healing as well as with circulation. Lastly no ulcer will heal without good nutrition..lots of vits and protein. Good luck with all this. Good that you discovered it when you did. Derry

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My mother had a funky pressure pad after she became bedridden. It was basically a thin air matress that would automatically inflate and uninflate portions. Although not a substitute for changing positions, it really helped.

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Yes, Scotland... My mother had an alternating pressure pad. It was wonderful.

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My mother had one also, and once she got it (in the nursing home) she never complained about pain again. It really made a difference. She couldn't talk much towards the end, but it was clear when she was in pain because she would grimace.

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My mother's insurance provided the pad with the hospital bed when I brought Mother home from the hospital. Perhaps this would be available for your mother, ginnier.

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My mother's insurance paid for the pad, but we had to request it. Luckily, we have a nurse cousin who marched in and told us about things like the pressure pad to make life better.

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Well pressure sores are something I have dealt with and still do. We used to use the DuoDerm, but have switched to Tegaderm. I use a product called Skin Prep, it is a small swab of something? that puts a covering over the surrounding skin, not the wound. This allows the constant changing without damaging the good skin.
The moving is essential, but in our case it is impossible, DS picks a leg up every once in awhile but that is the extent of his movement.
I just constantly check his sore area on his butt cheek, and when the Tegaderm starts to loosen I change it. He has the problem that getting him dressed and in his chair and positioned correctly, does not help keep it on.

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Mom removed the duoderm after it was on 5 or 6 days and seems to be doing fine. She claimed it never got dirty or had any problem removing it. Until she's in pain and I see her grimace, I won't know about the next issue. She's got so much durn pride!!! THIS week she cut her caregiver's hours in half. I must admit that her caregiver is more of a housekeeper, 3 hrs 2X a week. Mom decided she couldn't find enough for her to do... Discourages me greatly. I wish I could clobber her! We discussed it too, and I thought she accepted what I told her. But she IS writing the checks still....

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