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gardnrFebruary 21, 2012

Anybody have specific experience or feedback on the Enduroshield coating for a shower door? Does it really last without peeling or bubbling? Trying to decide if it is worth the $225 upcharge!

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Just use Rain-X. It's a lot cheaper, and when it starts to wear off, you just clean the door and apply again.

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the only advantage to using a factory applied coating is this type of product will seal the pores of the glass and not allow the iron, minerals etc to soak into the pourous surface of the glass and turn it milky over time. Rainex is really only designed to shed water and as live stated would need to be reapplied periodically. I have never heard of Enduroshield but I have sold both Shower Guard and Diamond Fusion.

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My experience with the Enduroshield product was not good. I found that it lasted only about 4 weeks in my shower. I applied it to new glass, carefully following the directions, and even getting clarification from the company's staff in Australia on one particular instruction. When I finished the application, I was impressed with how good the glass looked; it was sparkling clean, flawless, and was very smooth to the touch.

I followed the Enduroshield instructions for cleaning, once per week with a mild detergent and microfiber cloth. The first two or three cleanings went well, the microfiber cleaning cloth glided smoothly over the glass and the buildup of water minerals on the glass came off easily. But after a few more cleanings I could tell the microfiber cleaning cloth was no longer gliding smoothly across the glass, it had noticeable drag as if the glass had become rough. The deposits no longer came off and the glass would not clean.

I contacted Enduroshield again with my problem but after waiting about 2 weeks for a reply, they have not responded.

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I have enduroshield applied at the manufacturer. I have only been using the shower for a couple of weeks. Will have to see how it goes.

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We have it on our pool and friends have it on their shower screen. Both applications have failed and cleaning just reveals stains. Will never use it again!! They accused us of not cleaning it.

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I have Enduroshield on my pool fence. 50 metres of glass fence coated on both sides by professionals at a cost of $1850. I was promised the glass would rarely need cleaning, may be a hose down now and again .... but the truth is a long way from that statement.

The Perth water has stained some of the panels and I am now told that Perth water is harsh and will stain ( not mentioned during the sales pitch ..). The 'professionals' have now walked away from my complaint telling me to take it up with Enduro under my warranty.

Cleaning that much glass was always going to be a chore, but now all I see is wasted money while I am cleaning!

Not happy ....

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