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carrie630September 24, 2010

but if someone has Long Term Health Insurance, does it pay for some of the monthly assisted living costs if one needs to be in assisted living?

I am thinking about someone I know whose Dad has dementia and no one can take care of the bill but he has LTHInsurance and some money saved.


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Someone will have to read his policy or call the insurance company. Some policies may cover custodial care, some may be more limited. I don't think that any of these policies cover assistance in your own home, altho I might be wrong (out of date).

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Thanks, sushipup -

I imagine that is true, every long term health insurance policy is different - I'll relay info

Thanks :0)

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Here in CA there is a program called HICAP (Health Insurance Consumer Advocacy Program, it is SUPPOSE to be a federal program.

Their sole purpose is to help Consumers better understand their health insurance and to help fix any knots their insurance my be tied-up in. Very few people here know about the program, i spread the word when i can, perhaps there is a similar program in your state. web-search HICAP and see where they lead you or get in touch with your state's insurance commissioner.

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