Confused about Toto toilet options

lisalmFebruary 20, 2012


We are planning to replace our two upstairs toilets. The ones we have (Gerber, put in by the builder) keep stuffing up and overflowing. We now have drywall damage thanks to the last overflow.

We have a Toto Ultramax in our basement bath and have liked it so far. It is about 5 years old.

When I started looking at the Ultramax options, I became confused. It looks like there is now an Ultramax II with a different flushing system that uses less water? Does anyone have the Ultramax II? Do you like it? Is this viewed as a better option than the I?

In one bathroom, we have plenty of room, so I am thinking maybe the Ultramax II in an elongated bowl style with Sanagloss. However, in the master bathroom, the toilet area is closed off and is very small. The door opens in, so we probably need a smaller toilet. I am thinking a round bowl one. It looks like the Ultramax II does NOT come in a round bowl style. And that the round bowl styles don't come with Sanagloss (which I would like, ideally).

I am also trying to figure out color: Colonial White vs. Cotton White.

Finally, does anyone know anything about the height of these toilets? It seems like some are at ADA height and some aren't. I know our basement toilet feels a little low.

Thanks for any information you can provide.

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Go to It will give you all dimensions, whether or not ADA, rounded/elongated, etc. We have the Ultramax II and like it a lot. We have the Soiree in our other bath, It has the double cyclone flush which is really great. Cotton white is whiter than colonial, which is more off white.

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Thanks! I will check that site out. Hopefully, it should answer all of my questions.

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