Uses for a dead oven until new arrives

bmorepanicFebruary 24, 2013

Interested to hear ideas. I have no idea how long I have to wait until the new range comes but its at least two weeks.

I'm trying the oven out as greenhouse. I have a tray of half-cereal boxes filled with dirt planted with seeds in it - using the oven lights periodically for heat. After sprouting, I guess the lights could supply some extra hours of daylight.

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I like the seed-starter idea.

How about, lingerie drying rack? or anything else that's small and could be draped on the racks . . .

Ooh - home made pasta drying racks!

I managed to dry basil in my oven without ever turning it on - I simply forgot to, and left the tray in there for a couple of days. Worked just fine.

Potato storage?

And then there's always the classic city-dweller thing: simply as additional cooking pan storage.

Hope your replacement comes soon! Well done for keeping a sense of humour and creativity about it.

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Cookbook overflow.

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Shoe rack

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Bread box maybe.

I sometimes put my cast iron skillet and griddle in there and don't even take it out if its not in the way of what I'm baking.

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Thanks for all the ideas. The pasta drying rack is way cool. I've wanted to try making pasta.

Seed report:

I haz got leek seedlings already BUT unfortunately, I would recommend against Greenhouse because of insufficient air circulation. I found a little bit (your choice of mold or fungus) on one box. Even with cracking the oven door, it just wasn't enough - shame really because it had that smell of luxurious dirt inspiring thoughts of spring. Or at least until I walked outside and got a facefull of 32 F.

I only used the oven 3-4 times a week to bake things. But somehow, not having one is inspiring menus that consist ONLY of baked things - which of course, I can't make.

Mr. Rogers "Can you say OCD? I knew that you could."

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incubator? raise chicks for easter?

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If you are old enough to remember when people had wooden console TVs, and then when they broke and the new TV was placed on top......I think your old oven needs to be of course a microwave stand.

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wood smoker?

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Also good! Apparently people do that and also build little fires in pots on the cooking surface.

We got a call at 3 PM that the new range is coming tomorrow. We were supposed to get shipping notification, but apparently not. One week and one day after ordering.

I'm beyond excited. My mind keeps going back and forth between "they've dropped it" and it's going to be great!

We carefully uninstalled the old range and moved it out of the way. I have the new gas hose thingy, sliders, 1/4" plywood and a call into the plumber.

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