Walkers and umbrellas? Not a match!

elisamcsSeptember 24, 2007

My dad must use a walker to get around. Thankfully, he can get out of his house - as long as it's not raining. In Florida, it rains a lot. It seems to me that there ought to be an accessory of some type that can support an umbrella and allow the person to grip the walker with both hands. I've looked on the net to no avail. Does anyone have any ideas? Sources? Thanks in advance.

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Wish I could help, but if you don't get a response, post this on the Kitchen Table. Lots of help there. Have you looked in catalogs for medical equipment? My worry would be if it was windy, and it was somehow atached to the walker, it could cause a bad injury.

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I would bet that you will find no such attachments for walkers, for reasons like what Mariend mentioned.

Product liability lawsuits mean that manufacturers are especially sensitive to products being used improperly and causing accidents.

Of course, you could rig something using bungee cords, but do keep in mind the scenario of a gust of wind causing a real dangerous situation.

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He would do better in a poncho with a hood. Or a regular raincoat and hat.

There's a danger of slipping on wet sidewalks. I don't think I would encourage him to go out when it's raining. I know he might want to, but let's hope he'll wait until it clears.

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Good fodder for inventive types...although with a windy day, I too forsee lawsuits. And it's too hot to wear a raincoat in Florida!

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What's wrong with the Paraplis Umbrella Holder? :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Paraplis Walker/Wheelchair Umbrella

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I would think an umbrella could be dangerous if the wind turned it inside out. Trying to get control of it could cause a serious fall.

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holy shades of the seventies... try googling "umbrella hat"!

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