Range Hood with this Rangetop?

gardylooFebruary 14, 2012

We're a few weeks until tear out and I realized we haven't figured out the range hood yet.

Money is getting tighter, so I'm curious what you folks think of this Cavaliere hood.

The rangetop mfr recommends a 850 CFM hood, this one is 900 CFM with 4 speeds, and the sone rating indicates it's quiet. We like the style.

We only have room for a 36" so I'm glad the baffle filter surface is so wide.

Here's the rangetop: http://www.dacor.com/Our-Products/Categories/Cooktops/Distinctive-Gas-Rangetops.aspx

Here's the possible hood: http://www.cavalierehoods.com/products/Cavaliere-AP238%252dPS31%252d36-Wall-Mount-Range-Hood.html#!prettyPhoto[pp_gal]/2/

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43db to 68db is the sound rating on this. The two low speeds won't be that noisy. Setting 3 will be around 62 db, that is hard to talk around but won't impede your body language. 68db is loud, but not mind numbing.

In my experience, all hoods are quiet on low and 900 cfm should be quiet. The extraction and size are also good for this rangetop.

That being said, any hood with 6 inch duct will be noisy IMO

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Thanks for your comments aprince. We're looking forward to a decent cooktop. We think most anything will be an improvement over our current worn out microwave hood and 30 year old electric cooktop,

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Agreed on "anything would be an improvement on the OTR microwave hood". The match between the hood and the cooktop looks good - on a practical note make sure that the ducting and external ventcap is installed to the highest standard. Excessive noise from range hoods is generally as a result of bad ducting - to small, to many bends or restricted due to installation short cuts.

Here is a link that might be useful: Range Hood Ducting

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Good point jackals. Our GC crawled into the attic a few weeks ago to look at several things and said the roof vent on our one level home is in an optimum location: almost a direct line to the range hood. It'll have a very slight angle, but no turns.

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Excellent - all the best with the reno

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