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craftycSeptember 5, 2009

87 Year old mom....knee replacement...quite arthritic...wants desperately to be able to get in bath tubs again. (hates showers...!!) Anyone have any experience with the lift chairs for bathtubs? any recommendations? Do they go low enough so you don't have to use tons of water? I like the idea of being portable so we don't have to entirely re-do the bathroom.(as opposed to the walk in tubs I've seen) any comments, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. (by her AND me!!!)

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did you check with your local medical supply stores?: They may not have what you want/need, but can give you some suggestions. But the problem with bath tubs and older people is that can slip and fall too easy. I do not care how much she hates showers, this is a safer way to go.

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My dad went to the medical store and talked to them.
The guy came out and looked at the tub my mom uses and they got this chair for her to use in the tug. What is nice is that it is portable, has suction cups on bottom of it as this tub you can't screw into it and so you can take it with you and use it. Its all battery operated one. Huge remote to use, you do have to recharge it and so you just plug it. And then you can get handles to hold onto, same thing suction cup ones. My mom got one handle, she climbs in holding the side and handle and into the seat and then clicks to go down in the tub and she loves it so much.

But I did notice though the tub isn't long enough for those seats as her legs can't go flat down as the chair takes so much room but she can soak and bathe and that is what counts.

So, check out those medical stores that have everything to use for those things. And they might suggest something else.

Have no idea what the costs are as my dad is tight lipped about it but I figure its costly any of those gadgets but worth it to be independent again. My mom sure loves that she can once more bathe and not worry about falling as she was and stopped using the bathtub and showered and she hates to shower. Nice that there are things out if you can afford them to use.

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