Anybody have a vent hood with heat lamps?

Jennifer N.February 24, 2014

We're currently considering Vent-A-Hood PRH18460SS along with the heat lamps (with a stainless steel back splash and shelf.)

Being that we'll have a warming draw, the primary intended use of the heat lamps will be to warm dinnerware until serving time.

Any opinions/experiences with the heat lamps within the vent hoods?

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My Thermador does.

I think Viking had or still has one with them.

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Jennifer N.

@ xedos: do you use them often? Do you like them? Do they function like you thought they would?

They're an added accessory for the Vent-A-Hood, so I'm just trying to get opinions on whether people found them functional or a waste.

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Since you're going to have a warming drawer, why not use it to warm up your dishes?

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My parents had one. The bulbs would get grody over time. we used it as intended, to keep a plate of something warm. I would not think of heating plates since you could only do one at a time.

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we bought a house with a range and hood-- the hood has 2 empty heat lamp sockets, so i bought the bulbs since i thought they would be really nice to have-- they clearly point at the back wall- nonfunctional for us- they are made for ranges that have a (deep?)shelf which our range does not have-- the shelf would need to be pretty deep to be really functional. i would put in bulbs if they could be pivoted because i think i would like the option for a heat lamp, even with a warming drawer.
BUT, i don't think i would want a deep shelf over my cooktop tho...

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don't use them at all.

function just like I thought they would, I just don't have a need for them.

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Our old hood had a warming shelf with lights (don't remember the brand). We used it constantly and really miss that feature in the new hood in the new house. I would say that I miss the shelf more than the lights, it was a very convenient place to hold things while cooking. The wire shelves folded up and out of the way when not in use.

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used to work behind the line and had to have them: have VH with lamps. Primary uses are keeping stirfry components warm when cooking in stages, warming serving platters and then letting cooked meats set up and stay warm, finishing off defrosting and warming up cold ingredients for stirfry. In next kitchen will have both drawer and shelf with lamps. dittos on rwiegand's post above on use of shelf.
PS: when your kitchen lights are dimmed down low, with the lights on range looks very cool, especially if there's a lot of SS.

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I like them. Easy to use, you can see/touch the food and quickly gauge how hot the food is, it's much easier to reach than a low-mounted warming drawer, it heats up instantly, and yes it looks very cool and fancy-restaurant-like.

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We have the VAH with duel heat lamps. Instead of the SS backsplash with a shelf I went with glass tile and had the tile person mount a pair of wire fold-down shelves (Viking sold those to me w/ hardware separate from the SS back). That way there's better airflow from the cooking surface to the hood (rather than a solid shelf) - and it looks nice. Have had this set up for about 8 years and use the lamps nearly every day for much the same as teachmkt as well as softening butter, warming plates etc. I have duel convection ovens and use one oven, if free, to hold larger quantities of food at temp in lieu of a drawer which we didn't have the space for. Oh, and the original set of bulbs are still going strong with no gunking.

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The manufacturer does not ship the product with actual bulbs in place since heat lamps bulbs are very prone to filament damage in transit. The hood will come equipped with the sockets and you can purchase your desired wattage at a local lighting store or home depot

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Niki Friedman

Just bumping this thread in case anyone has another suggestion on a hood with warming lights. Thank you!

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I have a vent a hood magic lung system with heat lamps and drop down shelves. Its is a great solution if you don't have room for a warming drawer. I prefer it to a warming drawer. I stack plates on the shelf and let them sit for a while under the heat lamp. They are warm by the time I get around to plating. I use them to allow meat to rest without cooking the meat. I melt butter. I find uses for them. They are really handy.

I do have one problem that I haven't been able to solve. One of the rotary switches has a thread that has stripped. I can't find anyone to service the unit. This is after 10 years of heavy use. I would really like to get it fixed so I can use both heat lamps. I can't figure out how to take it apart myself, either. I've contacted the Vent a Hood distributor, but their referrals are dead ends. Evidently this product doesn't break very often. No one repairs it.

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Niki Friedman

We purchased a kitchenaid hood with warming lights. Planning to mount a shelf with slats underneath.

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That rotary switch should be fairly accessible (and cheap) if you are up for a DIY repair. Just be sure to cut the power to the hood. The parts places typically can provide you with the repair schematics - the link below wants you to log in first - but VAH might have the diagrams on their site or in your owners manual.

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Good News! I tracked down the local distributor for Vent a Hood. He was able to walk me through taking the switch off. All it took was tightening the nut. Bingo. I have my second heat lamp back in operation.

He was really sweet. He said to try his fix first. If it didn't work, he would send me replacement parts. Most any repairman would be able to fix it with the replacement part. I didn't need it because we fixed it. Yea!

I am so thrilled because I am starting a renovation and I wanted to keep the Vent a Hood. That will save me some coin that I can spend on the Blue Star or Capital rangetop.

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