heydeborahSeptember 26, 2010

hi to my old friends, i was wondering how you are all doing! i'm still not over losing Al but i am starting to do some of the things i enjoyed doing before. the leaves are changing here in northern canada and last night the weather was well below freezing. right now i am at the university, i walked from our house then to the cemetery to visit Al (soething i do everyday) then across the street to the university. our daughter received her honours bachelor of arts in english and is currently in the education programme, she started in august and was one of 90 students chosen to be in this particular programme, teaching is an excellent job in canada since it starts off paying over fifty thousand dollars). she still lives at home with gracie (the puppy) and i. number one child lives down the street from us and calls me atleast 5 times a day he was promoted on friday and is now a store manager, not bad for just turning 27, Al would have been so proud of them. when al passed away i gained ALOT of weight, so far i have lot 95 pounds on my own, of course my doctor is taking credit for it !!(lol). so how is everyone doing? i miss you all. remember when we had our own little prayer circle, perhaps we could have one this October 1st at 9 pm (doesnt matter of your time zone just stop what you are doing and say a prayer for the person who is ill, ourselves and just for anyone who needs a little tlc!). it's been nice "chatting" with you all, and lets hear what everyone else is doing!) deb

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Glad to see you are feeling better, day by day. Now is the time to go outside for awhile, as we are 30 miles below the Sak border (Canada). Do get alot of Canadians to Minot, ND and they come to the garage sales and the city wide sales. If you peek in to the Kitchen Table much, you will see so many changes. Many are gone, so many new names and some of the posters are not so nice. It use to be their could be a disagreement, of someone would post a negative remark, it just went on. That has all changed. I am very careful what I post and on what posting. Oh, well, times do change. Glad you have your children close and they are doing fantastic. Mine are in 3 different states and doing good. I also have 3 great grandkids--pretty cute.
Take care and have a great day
Marie from ND

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