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mariendSeptember 18, 2005

Even though my our parents are gone, what we are going thru with DH might help others.

His primary Dr is a family practice Dr., but trained in diabetis etc. He had another specalist that missed several things, just wait and see!!!

Now he has been dignosed with cancer, each Dr he sees has a complete list of the drugs and vitiams he takes. They review this each time they see him, go over it and ask what he is allergic to, even though it is listed.

Guess what I am trying to say, is make a list of ALL meds and vitiams and other things a person takes and make sure each and every dr, nurse, etc reviews it, especially the dosage and what it is for. Another thing, the med center we are going to can get every test taken and when off the computer which saves retesting.

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And don't forget to list the OTC drugs like asprin, nose sprays, benedryl and herbal remedies. While you may not consider them "drugs", they are in that they can affect tests, etc and mess up the other medications.

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Good points, all. Keep the list in your purse, wallet or whatever ALWAYS goes with you. Helpful if you end up someplace you didn't expect to be and they have no records.

Hola, FROG!!! Derry

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Marie, before i used to bring that drug slip that you got when you got a prescription re-filled -- it listed all your meds and the strength etc, i used to keep this in my wallet for dh. i thought this was fine just give it to the hospital for whatever md dh was seeing, it's not so in Ontario, you have to BRING all meds in, infact if you call the ambulance they take everything with them. then the hospital phones the pharmacy and actually checks to see if the person is actually on that med (sortof double checking). also if you are on narcotic drugs - such as my dh's is they tell you to bring in the empty bottle only because they WILL be stolen. also another silly point here, since my dh is also a diabetic is that he is on nova rapid 3 times during the day, at the hospital they do not have this insulin and you are told to bring it in and they will give it or if you don;t bring it in they give nph instead, it is not given like you give at home (sliding scale) but time wise. i thought i would make things so much easier by that slip of paper! debbie

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I took my mom to her primary care physician today and had such a list. Actually, it was the schedule of daily medications that I typed up for my to use so she could keep track of what she was taking. I gave the list/schdule to the doctor and she told me how much she appreciated the information. She was able to see exactly what my mom was taking and when. It helped her determine other medications for my mom. And I was able to make notes on my copy so I could keep track of things for my mom.

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I did this when my mother got sick last year, but I also included her medical history, as much as I knew and could recall. This included surgeries, conditions, etc. I just got tired of repeating the same stuff over and over again, and filling out the same stuff on multiple forms in too many doctors' offices. Many of her providers expressed surprise at getting such a comprehensive breakdown, and thanked me.

(Yeah...I'm not TOO Type A, am I??! LOL.)

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I learned long ago to keep POA, medical POA, living will, will, DNR, and up-to-date med-list and history available for instant access at all times. I also keep two copies of all in separate packages -- one for the paramedics and one for hospital staff if the person is transported and handed off. I keep them taped to the side of the fridge. If I have to bolt, I can grab them and go. Everyone involved with the situation knows they're there and the fridge is the first place paramedics look if I'm not there.

Its important not only to have these things, but to have them instantly available when you need them. The strangers you may require to take over for you will need to know these things, probably at a time when you're not doing so well yourself. When the bad times have come I've saved untold confusion and delay by immediately supplying document copies to the people who needed them. Like lasershow, the recipients were always grateful as well as astonished to have them at the moment they were needed.

With word processers, scanners, and copiers in common use it's not difficult to do this. When the bad time comes, you'll be glad to have them. And your mind will be cleared of at least that concern at all times.

One more thing I regard as important is to have a stash of currency instantly available. No matter what the problem may be, I've always found currency can solve it. Holidays, weekends, middle-of-the-night. People can be induced to do things for currency they sometimes are not willing to do otherwise. Call it tips or bribes or whatever you want -- when you need something done immediately currency can accomplish what checks, credit cards, and personal assurances cannot. Maybe not fair but true.

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I made such a list the first time my mom came home from the hospital, after being admitted with a possible heart/stroke, high blood pressure, constipation, etc. My dad filled the prescriptions, and came out of the drug store $600!!!
I made the list up when we got home, and then showed it to her Dr. on the follow-up. Even he was amazed at the number of prescriptions that worked against each other!
I have one on all of us, when time to go to the dr. I just print out another copy.

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