how much to offer for used 2005 GE monogram dual fuel 48" range

aquinodFebruary 6, 2014

tomorrow I'm going to check out, in person, this range:

i've been waiting to pull the trigger on a 48" range for a couple of years and this one has some potential. problem is, other than the normal kicking the tires type stuff, I have no idea what these went for in 2005 (the current models msrp around 10k) or what the depreciation should be.

Any ideas?

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$2500 tops

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yeah, i was thinking around 2500.00 would be the absolute maximum. I can't imagine it was much more than 5k in 2005, and with the service call i'll need to make, i was thinking as low as 1000.00 could work.

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My 36 inch with grill was $6000 in 2008 if this helps you out. If I remember, the 48 inch DF was over 9k when i was shopping. It is an amazing range-I will take it with me when I move.

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