36 x 24' vanity in 6 x 6' powder room w/toilet--too tight?

threeapplesFebruary 8, 2012

Are these proportions unadvisable? The door in the room is close to the corner if the bottom wall on the right side (if you are pretending it's a box you view from above. Thanks for any help. The sink in questiOn is ksl lists Michael smith for town and the toilet is an elongated bowl. Thanks!

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What did you decide for a layout? If they are side by side (all on one wall), I think they will work fine. It give 3 feet to each appliance, and that is great. (if they were on teh left wall, for example, vanity first as you enter).

If the are perpendicular to each other--toilet on left, vanity on "top" of your box, then, is the vanity centered, or to the right? If to the right, then not too crowded. If centered, then, I think you are feeling cramped.

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Believe it or not, we haven't decided on a layout! Thankfully the plumber didn't come once last week so he's not as far enough along in the project as I worried might happen. I keep going back and forth between the Michael Smith console sink and that wood vanity I posted. I'm actually leaning toward the latter, but worry having a marble slab fabricated for the top will be outrageously expensive. Decisions, decisions....

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threeapples--here are 3 layouts to scale for you. Like you, I like things symmetrical & centered, however in this case, I think having the sink in front of the door makes more sense so you get a full WOW!! factor when the door is open. That is one beautiful sink (not to mention $$$) so make it the center of attention by putting in right in front of the door. I'm not a fan of being able to see the toilet when the door is open, so I would prefer the toilet placement as in layouts 1 & 2 vs. next to the sink. I also think the toilet next to the sink would distract from the sink when the sink really is the centerpiece of that room.

On to the layouts...I didn't know what size door to put in so I just went with the default which is 30". The thingy in the corner of the 2nd layout is a powder room butler (see pic 4). It was something to fill the space. My parents have one that is somewhat similar to the one in the pic in their powder room that has a similar layout (they've got a Georgian style house too)--it's formal yet whimsical...just a thought!

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Mydreamhome, you are amazing! That is so incredibly helpful. What do you think about the wooden vanity I posted in the bathroom forum entitled "will this vanity work with my vision?" with a carerra marble top and hammered silver sink? Can that vanity stand alone in the middle of the wall? I'd change the hardware to to antique brass. here's the link to the vanity below. Again, thanks for the helpful (and cute) images.

Here is a link that might be useful: other vanity

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I'm thinking to go with your layout one, but having the toilet facing the sink wall so it's less visible as you walk in the door or if the door is open a little bit. What do you think about that? My husband suggests having the sink on the left wall so you see if if the door is open a little bit you see that rather than the toilet. Uggh, why do I have to obsess over powder rooms?!

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threeapples--I'll see if I can make it over to my Mom's house today and snap a pic of her powder room for you. Hers is set up like layout 1. You really do not see the toilet-part of that is that it is tucked near the wall and for the most part out of direct line of sight. The other part is her sink presentation is stunning & a show stopper when you open the door. I think a photo of a similar layout will help.

Positioning the toilet the other direction will make it more difficult to get to the front of the toilet so that would be a no-go for me--see layout below of that scenario.
Layout 1 is with Kallista Sink, Layout 2 is with 30" Vanity:

Just a question--the layouts show that you can easily do the Kallista console sink, so why not go that route since that's the one you really want? Also, I saw you can just order the legs of the sink--if the width still bothers you, why not just order the legs & have a stone fabricator take care of the top & sink for you?

As far as the other vanity goes, I like it and think it will work (but still like Kallista better). I'm not sure about the brass hardware. I'd have to get a sample of the antique brass and put it up against that stain to see how it looked. With a hammered silver sink (which I think would be stunning), I'd really have to think long & hard about the brass... I've also posted a layout of the 30" vanity for you to see the difference (or lack thereof--you're only talking 3" savings on each side)).

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Thanks, Mydreamhome. We decided to center the vanity on the left wall and have the toilet facing the door if you are seated on it. My husband really wanted it this way and I got tired of arguing over something so silly. So now we just need to decide on the vanity and the decor for the rest of the room. Do you think this layout will be ok? thanks!!!

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Is this what you mean by centering sink on left wall and toilet facing the door?

Layout & View Into Bathroom With Door Open:

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I'm favoring layout #2 in the first post of layouts above, after seeing the elevation of the door and toilet that *Mydreamhome* posted above. I don't like seeing the toilet framed like that. Can you center the vanity in the door frame instead, or is it too tight against the wall? I also like #2 for the location of the toilet. One side is open and the other side has a wall to mount a grab bar/rail (or install the bracing for future bar). The open side will allow someone else to help assist someone to the stool if needed, such as a broken leg, elderly family member, etc. I'm a nurse and I have assisted many to the stool and I am grateful for the space to pivot and stand next to my patient.

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bump :+)

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While it looks awful in the image to have the toilet facing the door, the situation is actually that the only time you'd see it that way is if you're standing directly in front of the open door. The other views of this bathroom will be from the grand room and hallway, which will provide a view of the vanity and that's why we decided on this layout. I hope we don't regret it. Thanks for everyone's kind help. Once we move along I'm sure I'll become even more neurotic in settling on a vanity. :)

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