Lemon Kobe hood insert Kobe IN2642SQB-1200 (42"),

kksmamaFebruary 18, 2014

I'm so disappointed! Venting was a huge expense in my remodel and I agonized over choosing the insert and designing the cabinet hood. The led lights haven't worked in months, and after 2 service calls the technician ordered parts which are backordered, with NO estimate on when they'll actually be available. And there is this sound, which isn't always present but makes the hood uncomfortably loud to use when it is. Not sure if video will embed (nothing to see, but if you know what causes the sound please help me), but it is the most recent upload to my photobucket. If they can't fix this in a timely manner, can they replace the insert? Could I insist on a refund and get another insert that would fit in the very same cabinet surround? The model is Kobe IN2642SQB-1200 (42").

Here is a link that might be useful: kobe hood noise

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You should easily be able to swap it with another of the same model.

Did the unit work correctly when it was first installed? Was it bench tested?

With my LED's, I noticed that once one LED was disconnected, the other would also go out. Did the tech check for a loose connection? Which part is on back order? I had a misaligned LED and I had a new one drop shipped to me in about 1 week.

I listened to your sound byte; something metal is rattling there. The baffles and fans come apart for cleaning. There is a separate plug for each fan, so one can be pulled, tested and the other done to see where the sound is coming from. Once discovered repair or replace.

As with all these MFG, much of it comes down to the service and repair company. Personally, I dread having to call someone in to do this type of work. In many cases, if I can't fix it myself, then I buy new.

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A follow-up and thank you to black88mx6 and all GWers:

A replacement insert was finally shipped, it required a great deal of persistence/assertiveness. Kobe's warranty work is handled by the "Kobe range hood service center" (adcoservice.com), which had contracted with a local company for the service visits. Adco did not seem to be able to get parts, nor promise anything other than "they are on order" for four months. On the third visit with new lights and a little jumper piece, he was still unable to fix it. When I finally asked this key question: "Must I seek assistance from regulatory agencies, social media and or the court system?" I heard from someone at Kobe.
Kobe wanted proof of purchase, specifically a separate receipt from my contractor and not their own "warranty card" which included the serial and model number. And eventually, when they had that, they shipped an entire new insert to my house.
The contractor did the labor yesterday and all seems well.
It was especially helpful to me to get the reply from black88mx6, thank you for listening to the noise and explaining the mechanics. It does seem that unit is well configured to allow for service, so I'm much relieved that even when it is out of warranty it should be serviceable for a long time.

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