Aquatic vs. Jacuzzi air jet tub

lewis2502February 23, 2007

Any thoughts or opinions? I don't have a showroom nearby where I can sit in the tubs in person. For the ones I'm considering, the Aquatics are a few inches deeper, whereas the Jacuzzi is larger inside in terms of length and width. Thanks for any info that might help me decide.

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I installed an Aquatics whirlpool when I remodeled my master bath. I installed the South Padre model, which is linked below. It is deep and provides a wonderful soak without the jets, and the jets are great too. I was able to sit in a dry showroom model before I bought it to ensure I liked its comfort.

Here is a link that might be useful: South Padre model

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I also installed an in-line heater with the South Padre model -- I can sit in the tub all day if I wanted, and it never cools down. I really like that feature!

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beth -- when you use the in-line heater without turning on the jets, how noisy is it? any problems with keeping it clean? thanks in advance.

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we just carried our Sanijet tub into the house yesterday. The kids are already campaigning for a turn in mom and dad's bathroom

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Townhome, the in-line heater works only in conjunction with the jets --- just like a hot tub in your back yard. Without the jets working, there's no way to deliver the warm water. Cleaning is not a problem. I follow the directions that came with the tub, and use only the method they recommend.

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Just thought I'd post a follow up for anyone interested. I got the Aquatic Serenity (12 I think?) and I love it. Works great, it's very deep, the power of the bubbles is strong, and the chromatherapy is actually very cool, particularly at night. I was worried about the bubbles cooling down the water (as with any air bath), but that is not an issue. If you make it hot to begin with, it does not cool down too much by the time you're ready to get out.

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Linda Ross

Can anyone tell me about the "noise" with the motor to the Aquatic airjet Champagne Massage bath tub? Are the champagne airjet bubbles too strong? I want a gentle rolling bath, not a churning water bath.

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I heard about the Aquatic Airjet Tubs from a friend of a friend who had previously owned a whirlpool jetted tub. She described the effects of the "champagne bubbles" as 'heavenly'. Even her hard-to -please husband chimed in on the pleasurable bathing experience, and he never likes anything!

What I was most impressed by was the fact that there was not water entering the tubes, with the similar concerns of bacteria that one has with a whirlpool. Although there are appropriate cleansers for whirlpools, I didn't want to have to remember to or schedule the cleansing. After adequate research, I decided to change from the whirlpool (new and unused) that I owned to the Aquatic Serenity 2 that I purchased. (Luckily, I had a buyer for my former tub.)

Presently, my Airjet tub is yet uninstalled. In reading these threads, someone with a Bain Ultra Amma said that she could FEEL the jets on her bottom, and the air was cold. I thought, "Oh, oh ... have I gone and changed tubs and there is an unexpected feature?" In re-reading my specs, I learned that the Aquatic uses a "600 Watt Air Heating System", and another poster confirmed that the air emitted in the Aquatic was indeed warm. I felt better... and hoped that she could purchase a heater for her tub.

BUT, but another forum member brought up the noise issue, saying she could hear her blower in her Aquatic tub. I have yet to ask my friend how noisy it is, we only discussed the 'champagne massage'. Before I purchased, I discussed the noise concern with my salesman, and asked him if I should consider the "Remote Blower Option", which allows you to locate the air blower someplace else than directly underneath your tub. He said that he personally tested the blower with NO WATER in the tub to test the sound level. He said that the sound of the bubbles is greater than the sound of the blower. He also said that he did this because he knew his customers would have this question. He suggested that I not spend the extra money on the remote blower. "Scout's Honor", that's what he said. His name is Ted, he was very knowledgeable, and he can be reached at the link below, for further interrogation.

About the force of the water, I have read that more than one Bain Ultra owner has concerns about the water speed on the lowest setting. However, Monica, a frequent poster shares a 'hidden menu" that reduces the speed of the water. I have not read any reports of 'water turbulence' with Aquatic users. Perhaps someone can address. I, too, would like to know what to anticipate.

WHAT I WISH SOME SALESMAN WOULD HAVE MENTIONED: is that it takes a LOT of water to fill ANY jetted tub, Whirlpool or Air. ALSO, the same with jetted showers. I splurged on jets in my shower, only to learn a few days ago, that they, too, take a great deal of water if you are truly going to get the benefit of the 'jetted shower experience'. Tsk, tsk. I only have a 40 gallon water heater! It looks as though next year's project may be a larger water heater. Or maybe 2 years down the road ... or 3.

When all of this gets installed, I'll be sure to let everyone know how the fixtures work.

Beth 4

Did you install an In-line heater IN ADDITION to the "600 Watt Air Heating System" that comes standard with the tub?


Here is a link that might be useful: Ted at Olde Tyme Hardware

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I'll have to be honest, as much as I want to believe in Aquatic after talking with their incredibly enthusiastic and helpful cust srvc rep,as well as the most impressive specs on the market, I visited a showroom yesterday to experience the real deal (Infinity VII) and found the dry test-drive a bit harsh on the bones, i.e., doesn't conform to body like I had hoped, a little too upright and not conforming to the reclining torso. That test drive, albeit a dry run, convinced me this was not the tub for me despite it looking ideal on paper. Granted I wasn't able to float in the tub with water, so this is slightly unfair to the mfr, but getting in and out of the deep vessel along with reclining in the tub without water was surprisingly uncomfortable, and bone-crunching. I'm a young man still, and felt like multiple grab-bars on the walls would be de rigeur. The only reason I post this is not to discourage you from buying Aquatic, but because shopping for a whirlpool/airbath combo has been one of the most difficult quests I've experienced in planning my bath addition, and on paper, this was the tub for me, in vitro, this was NOT the tub for me. Just keep in mind that you simply must seek out a showroom to sample any tub prior to making the huge investment - not just money for the tub, but permanent plumbing specific to that tub leaves little room for future change of heart! For this reason, I've been very careful in ensuring that I'd be completely happy with the fit, and felt it necessary to share my experience. This is a decision 3 years in the making due to lack of showrooms that simply don't offer the real test drive or tub variety that gives you an overall gestalt. Again, Aquatic might be for you, but test drive it, or your regrets will eat you up. Other tubs I've crossed off the list, right or wrong, were Bain Ultra cause I simply wanted the combo, however, they seem to have an unbeatable reputation in the strictly air-bath category. Sani-jet, I actually experienced with water, and the jets were simply too weak for me, but again all their specs looked good on paper. Neptune, I experienced in a hotel, and was extremely impressed, but when it came to owning one, the contour again wasn't something I'd want to recline in for an hour, and none of this years styles/profiles appeal to me. Americh, don't know. Maax.....two trades people gave me bad reviews saying they make the most comfortable, stylish tubs with the necessary whistles and bells, but technical issues required discontinuing their carrying the line....surprising, as Home Depot Expo was pushing this on me like you know what. What am I going with, well I did a dry test run on the Jason LX635 (6 foot) which meets my comfort criteria without water, looks great on paper, has been in the business for as long as Jacuzzi has been in business (Jason=son of Jacuzzi), and was carried by a local trusty high end fixture place with exceptional reputation and attentive to customer feedback. Again, I'm taking a risk without doing a 'wet' run, and their head pillow was so poorly placed, that I dissed the option, but overall, it met most of my criteria. Will keep you posted after install, etc. The most comfortable tub I've experienced was the Maax oval-shaped whirlpool-air combo (Pearl?), but again, I talked to two vendors who said they had issues with them which is highly unfortunate since comfort-wise and on paper it was the perfect tub, like sitting in a LazyBoy, but with water massage. I hope to seek something comparable in the Jason.

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Mommielady -- sorry, just saw your question. Don't come to this site very often.

I agree with the last poster that it's best to sit in the tub you intend to buy, to ensure you like the way it feels. Although it will feel differently when it's filled with water and the jets or bubbles are working. Should feel even better.

I don't have the air tub; I have the Aquatic South Padre jetted tub. The only heater option that came with my jetted tub was the in-line heater...which I really am glad I purchased.

Yes, these tubs are quite deep and do take quite a bit of water. I don't use mine every day for that reason. But when I want to relax with a glass of wine, read a book and lose all track of time, I fill the tub and sit back and let time disappear. The in-line heater is so wonderful for that as it keeps the water at its original temperature, no matter how long I stay in the tub.

As for noise, I don't expect it to be's got a motor that's going to make noise. It's not nearly as loud as a lawnmower or snow blower....Plus, unless your bathroom has softened acoustics (by adding fabric -- carpet, curtains, etc.) bathrooms tend to echo noise anyway, which will make anything sound loud. I can truthfully say the noise of the jets and the motor have never distracted me....I guess it's like a version of "white noise".

Good luck in your purchase. I know it can be very frustrating deciding what you want to live with for years.

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I am a transplant recipient and my immune system has been suppressed to prevent rejection of my transplanted kidney. Therefore, my largest concern is the bacteria associated with any jetted tub. After lots of research, I have settled on a Sanijet. They are PIPELESS water jetted tubs. Instead of having one motor pushing water through a piped system to all of the jets, each jet has it's own motor. The jet opening is surrounded by smaller openings and the water is pulled in through these small holes & shot out the jet opening without ever entering a pipe.
Once the tub is drained, it is completely empty. Nowhere for water to be left behind. It's a patented system only available through
Sanijet. Bonuses that I can see with rhese tubs.: 1.Less noise (No air or water rumbling through pipes). 2. Cleaner (When you drain the water nothing is left behind in pipes to grow bacteria/mold). 3. You can use bath products like bath salts/oils in them. 4. They retain heat better because the water never travels through a piping system allowing heat to be lost. 5. No access panel is required. (The control panel is located inside of the tub above the water level. All motors are behind each jet. Each jet assembly removes with a twist allowing them to be taken out regularly and completely cleaned. After the jet assembly is removed, there is access to each motor.)
This system was originally designed for hospitals, spas, etc. - public places where multiple bathers make cleanliness a top priority and much harder to maintain. They are now available for residential use.
The only thing negative that I can find about them is that, because there are no pipes, there is nowhere to put an inline heater. My hope is that, because there are no pipes to lose heat, a heater will not be needed.
This type of jetted tub seems to be my best option because of my health situation. Mine is on it's way to me & I can't wait to get it installed and operating. I'm getting in and never coming out! Prune City here I come!!! :)

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Do Not buy Aquatic bath products. I purchased the Belmont 2. The specs and the tub do not match; they have manufacturing problems as they cannot even build the tub to their own published manufacturing specification. How embarrassing. Aquatic sates their lengths +/- 1/4 inch. My tub is 1 inch shorter than specs on the depth and 1 inch short on the length, so it won't properly fit properly in the deck cut out, the tub is too small. The bathing well is also smaller than the specs call for by 2 inches short on the depth sides, losing 1.5 cubic square feet. I called aquatic and they didn't believe me, so they paid a company to measure it at my house. Instead of apologizing for their mistake, they tried to convince me to keep the tub because it still functions, they didn't see what the "problem was", per corresponding emails. They tried to sweep their problems under the rug and pretend like there are no problems. I performed a leak test, outdoors, per their recommendation; two leaks from permanent hoses, not a hand tighten of fittings. I ran the motor (.75 HP) and the jets are very weak and very noisy, poorly engineered and very bad service. Stay away!

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Oh my, I just came from the plumbing supply company to finalize my remodel. I am thinking of the Aquatic Serenity Series, I surely should find a showroom that has this tub. I just looked at the pictures, liked the concept of the bubbles and inline heater. Gosh these posting are scary...because it is $$$$.

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I purchased an Aquatic Infinity 2.
I called Aquatic for the template for the Stone contractor,
while I was on the phone with Aquatic I asked if this was a drop in tub, as it certainly looks like one. They told me it was. I forwarded this information to the stone contractor. He cut the stone to Aquatic's template. The stone men and the plumber broke a piece of PVC plumbing on the tub trying to get it down into the hole in the stone.The tub won't drop into the opening. It's doesn't fit being lowered into the opening of Aquatic's template by a large margin. So I looked around on Aquatic's website. I found on the Aquatic website a technical bulletin for the Infinity 2 tub. It says this tub is not a drop in model, the tub deck must be built around the tub. I called Aquatic. I offered to pay for whatever has to be done to the stone, which will be very expensive if it has to be cut in half. All I asked from Aquatic was to pay their man to repair the tub plumbing.
I couldn't believe it, they refused. They said they didn't break it.
This tub costs a small fortune. I hope and pray I never have any other reason to have to deal with Aquatic again. I would strongly recommend against buying anything from Aquatic as their cannot be any worse customer service and absolutely no sense of responsibility.
Ted Chernok

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